Sludge heaviness from the swamps of Melbourne

So, a bunch of lads from a few great Aussie bands, and one very well known one (Blood Duster), decided to get together a few years ago and do a one off gig.

They clicked so well together that only a couple of years later this great album has slithered out of the swamp, and is headed straight for your ears.

There has been resurgence in this sound of late; Australian bands such as Gay Paris and The Black Swamp come to mind, and US band Red Fang. Not a bad sound, so long as a band can get a unique spin on it. And from the get go, these guys have it: tight playing and a great vocalist in Jason V (Christbait) in full voice. This is just great Australian sludge/hard rock, and the first couple of tracks let you know it. Fourth track ’10 Paces’ has a great pub rock vibe, the kind where you find yourself just bobbing your head and tapping your foot.

Absolute album highlight has to be the next track ‘In Dirt’. It starts with a really great minimal doom type feel, and then a little way in, a clean bluesy riff drops and relaxes the mood until out of nowhere V just comes at you like a maniac preacher that you NEED to listen to, quietens into a calm singing voice, then kicks the band into heavy mode in full voice at the end.

From here, the album continues as it opened, dirty, sludgy, and brilliant. Not a note of filler to be heard. This again shows how strong the Australian scene is right now, and how we all need to keep on the lookout for these great acts before the world stage beckons.

1. Hubble
2. Liar
3. Smoke
4. 10 Paces
5. In Dirt
6. Volcano
7. Fleshlight
8. The Bull
9. Hanging

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