A veritable celebration of Goth melancholia

The dark spectre of Gothic metal that has always haunted The Veil’s music has finally fully descended.

Impermanence strips away the layers of death metal and doom to leave behind a veritable celebration of Goth melancholia. Three years on from Ghosts of Memory, The Veil has sharpened their song writing and expanded their creative palette even further. Each track is a rich tapestry of influences as disparate as New Wave, shoegaze, death/doom and prog, from the hypnotic My Bloody Valentine-like repetitive drone of the title track to the sombre, Bad Seeds-inspired piano that tolls through ‘Redemption’ with nods to luminaries like Sisters of Mercy and The Cure throughout too.

The mournful tone of The Veil’s minor-key sagas is enhanced by the addition of strings and coloured by the light-and-dark of Dan Nahum’s skilful drumming – ghostly cymbals and samba beats fill the void behind the melancholy guitars that snake their way through mini-epic solos like those in ‘Awake’. Che deBoehmler’s dark baritone has grown in stature and confidence and his lyrics burgeon with the album’s over-arching themes on the fragility of existence and the transcience of mortality, giving the band something of a Woods of Ypres resonance as they shift through their various modes of darkness and occasional moments of light. If one was looking for an act to fill the void left by David Gold’s tragic end then The Veil could well fit the bill. Impermanence was given a fairly low-key release but really deserves far more recognition as the new masterpiece of Gothic metal that it is.
1. Pilgrimage
2. Impermanence
3. Evensong
4. The Ashen Trail
5. All the Same
6. Sleepwalker
7. Awake
8. Carry the Light
9. Redemption