Shows the new bands how it’s done

When alternative music took the world by storm in the early 1990’s, Ireland’s Therapy? took the bull by the horns and made themselves a name with a marriage of heavy riffs and catchy songwriting that took them all over the globe. Still delivering the goods after nearly 30 years, they are on point with their latest effort, their fifteenth, entitled Cleave.

 Right from the get go, they aren’t screwing around. ‘Wreck It Like Beckett’ explodes with a wall of guitars, a pounding rhythm section and Andy Cairns sounding as pissed off as ever. There’s no bullshit or pissing around, it’s heavy, hard and rocking to the point like their Troublegum days.

That pissed off feeling is a constant throughout  – it’s on full display in ‘I Stand Alone’, ‘Expelled’ with its bolstering hard hitting groove, ‘Dumbdown’, ‘Success? Success is Survival’ and the blistering ‘Kakistocracy’ with its earworm chorus “It’s OK not to be OK!”

That said, there are plenty of melodically tinged moments thrown in for good measure, especially in the lead single ‘Callow’, ‘Save Me From the Ordinary’ and the infectiously catchy ‘Crutch’, an ode to alcoholism.

 In 33 minutes, Cleave is a manifestation that Therapy? still have plenty of gas left in the tank, living proof they still know how to hit hard and are more than capable of showing all those new bands how it’s done.

  1. Wreck It Like Beckett
  2. Kakistocracy
  3. Callow
  4. Expected
  5. Success? Success is Survival
  6. Save Me From the Ordinary
  7. Crutch
  8. I Stand Alone
  9. Dumbdown
  10. No Sunshine
  • Sam Radojcin

    The copy I have is 33 minutes. But hey, the length doesn’t matter, it’s a cracker of an album!