Thrash is alive and well

It would be difficult to be more thrash than Thrash Bandicoot.

It’s right there in the name, and as they scorch their way through this five-track EP, it is clearly the essence of their entire existence.

While the production belies its modern origins, Milwaukee Cannibal is full-on old school thrash right down to the murky, cartoonish cover art and songs about social dysfunction and serial killers. The title track opens with darkly distorted arpeggios building to a furious onslaught, and Thrash Bandicoot are away, ripping everything apart in their quest for thrash metal dominance. With riffs ablaze, they turn into Dissolve, a slower chug giving it a more sinister edge, torn apart by Daniel Lever’s ragged scream. Trapped Society and Class Warfare tear by, leaving trails of blue smoke, when mini-epic riff-fest Scaphism comes over the hill, savage riffs, howling vocals and scathing lead breaks slicing everything apart. When it comes to thrash, Thrash Bandicoot do everything right.

Thrash is alive and well and lives on this EP.

  1. Milwaukee Cannibal
  2. Dissolve
  3. Trapped Society
  4. Class Warfare
  5. Scaphism

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