Continues their reputation for ruthless bludgeoning

It’s been interesting watching the development of Thy Art is Murder since they first came to prominence.

Perhaps their most remarkable feature is the way they have doggedly stuck to their early deathcore guns while other bands take left-hand turns or see stylistic evolution. Thy Art is Murder knows what works for them, and on album number four they don’t hold anything back.

Dear Desolation brooks no pretenses about redefining Thy Art is Murder or attempting anything new or groundbreaking, and that is sure to keep fans of the band happy. First track “Slaves Beyond Death” slams out of the gate with all the hallmarks of classic deathcore: churning guitars, concrete larynx, relentless blasting. The next track repeats the formula, albeit with some tempo changes and elements of a dark uneasy atmosphere that seeps its way across the album. It’s a recipe Thy Art is Murder employ with only slight variation throughout, an almost comfortable level of fairly predictable song structures that ensures the title track leaps out simply by being at a slower, more grinding pace than the hellish blasting of the songs around it. There is a ferocious energy that rages from the band but the repetition leaves many of the tracks somewhat colourless. ‘Into Chaos We Climb’ escapes the pattern, a ragged and choppy slower and more omnious song that drops in a neat melodic lead break towards the end.

Of course, music such as this is often repetitive by nature and there is just enough variation that the songs don’t all sound alike while allowing Thy Art is Murder to retain their reputation for ruthless bludgeoning. Fans should expect nothing more than a very heavy band doing exactly what they’re known for – being crushing.

1. Slaves Beyond Death
2. The Son of Misery
3. Puppet Master
4. Dear Desolation
5. Death Dealer
6. Man is the Enemy
7. The Skin of the Serpent
8. Fire in the Sky
9. Into Chaos We Climb
10. The Final Curtain