Rolls over the listener like the skull-crushing machine on the cover

Thy Art is Murder are nothing if not consistent. Five albums in and they show absolutely no signs of letting up from their now-signature pummelling assault.

Covering similar musical, if not lyrical, territory as Dear Desolation, Human Target is typical relentless TAIM fare, crushing and chaotic, with structure secondary to speed and brutality. New drummer Jesse Beahler slots right into the band without any overall change to their style or dynamic – and that’s the thing about Human Target: it’s strictly formula. Since Thy Art shifted their focus from their original deathcore style on Holy War, their progression seems to have stalled, resulting in a series of albums that remain sonically very similar to one another.

The first four songs batter and blast with no remorse, CJ McMahon’s impenetrable shriek and roar attacking the evils of modern society, genocide and indoctrination as Beahler puts in a powerhouse performance. It’s not until track five, “Eternal Suffering”, that there’s a dynamic shift into a slower grind and the music is heavier for it. “Welcome Oblivion” too is a change in pace and aesthetic, but only a temporary one – “Atonement” brings back the punishment as Human Target continues to roll over the listener like the skull-crushing machine on the cover.

Thy Art is Murder have delivered another solid album, but for those not already enamoured of their style of metal extremity, it’s one that might wear out its welcome sooner than later.

  1. Human Target
  2. New Gods
  3. Death Squad Anthem
  4. Make America Hate Again
  5. Eternal Suffering
  6. Welcome Oblivion
  7. Atonement
  8. Voyeurs Into Death
  9. Eye for an Eye
  10. Chemical Christ