Sydney HC bruisers show how it’s done

Toe to Toe have never had a bad release, and this album is further proof of the hardworking approach they have always brought to Australia’s small but strong hardcore scene.

Rise Up starts off with a small spoken work piece laid over feedback; the band quickly assemble to kick the pit off in a way only this band knows how.

This album is hardcore music at its purest as Toe to Toe has always done,  a confident mix of NYHC classic bands like Sick Of It All and that oh-so-unique form of Aussie rock performed by legends such as  Rose Tattoo. From Scotty Mac’s instantly recognisable yelp to the characteristic thick rhythm section held tight by drummer Deitzy, everything people love about the band is here and yet this album feels grittier and angrier somehow, as if TTT are out to prove themselves one more time.

The songs are predominately stories of making it through hard times and rising above adversity.  Instant pit starters like ‘My Life, My War’ with its great opening bass riff and more melodic punk approach and  title track ‘Rise Up’ are reminders of why this band has always been atop the scene they helped create in Australia, yet never really got the accolades they have so richly deserved.

Great short guitar solos are dotted throughout, showing off the skills of guitarist Nick R and really displaying the Aussie rock flavour. Look to ‘Turn Your Head Around’ or ‘DTOM’ for some great examples of the guitar playing on here. Album closer ‘Sydney’, dedicated to their hometown, deserves a special mention. An anthem of sorts that really is a dedication to how great and strong this nation as a whole is, it’s also a reminder that sometimes, tough guys have feelings too.

It doesn’t matter what track you pick here they are all brilliant examples of how yet another Australian band are doing it better than the rest of the world. The last few months have seen some great releases within the Australian hardcore and heavy music scene and they are all worthy of your attention.  Best put this one on the top of your list.

1. Monolith
2. Bastards Luck
3. Endurance
4. My War, My Way
5. First Sin
6. Take Down
8. Rise Up
9. Blacklisted
10. Turn Your Head Around
11. Rub of the Green
12. Sydney