Lacks any distinct character

Coming a full three years after their frankly awful EP with the cover-art that made it look like a horribly crap rapcore CD, The Catacomb Silence is a big leap forward for Sunny Coast metalcore lads Torn Asunder.

Everything about this shows a band that has progressed and matured over the intervening period, and yet the results are still only a little above average.

The problem isn’t that Torn Asunder can’t play or write. It’s that what they play and write is just so bland and generic. There are hundreds of groups churning out this strictly cookie-cutter melodic metalcore music at the moment, including dozens of other Australian bands and while these guys are obviously a lot better than many of them, Torn Asunder simply just aren’t any different. There are some catchy songs aboard, however, like “The Catacomb Silence” and “Unheard” that contains a fantastic recurring riff and is easily the best track. Indeed, none of the songs are bad. Lockie Paul handles both the harsh and melodic vocals with considerable aplomb and the production positively gleams, making this one of the best-sounding local albums this year. It’s almost too good in fact and actually robs the songs of any real menace.

And that is probably the major flaw of The Catacomb Silence: it lacks any distinct character. With all the rough edges honed off and a rigid template applied to their songwriting, Torn Asunder has made a decent album, but one that is ultimately homogenised and bland. There’s no stinkers, just nothing other than “Unheard” that really stands up to be counted.

1. Storm Over Barren Fields
2. The Catacomb Silence
3. Unheard
4. Trapped (in a Place You Never Though You Would Be)
5.It Ends Here
6. Last Goodbye (RIP Mitch WarnerXXX)
7. No Longer
8. Days Drift Away
9. Hold Me Now