Genuinely forward thinking music

Dream Life is the world class full length debut from on form, mental New South Welshmen Totally Unicorn

Musically, not knowing what you are about to get into is something I have always found exciting, and one of the reasons I still listen to so many different styles of music. I have only ever heard great things about this band, but haven’t had the chance to see them perform, or really listen to their musical output before now, so follow me to into the Dream Life.

It all starts out serenely enough, with a quiet rumble building up quickly as the opening track explodes into totally chaotic life, kind of like The Chariot, but different! The band are on fire, but really let down by some very flat production.

That is the problem with this album. It is brilliant everywhere else. There are gems hidden in every song, riffs, beats, and lyrics, but it is all sadly lost in a muddy production and mix, unless it is the only instrument to be heard (like the Dillinger-esque guitar noodles). Even in the quieter musical moments like the beginning of ‘You Smell Like a Trophy’ and ‘Part Time Model’ with all the modern techniques available, I can only think that the band are trying to catch the sound and vibe of their infamous live show.

If this is the case, I have been missing out, and so have you if you have been hanging out under the same rocks as myself. This band run the gamut of incredible math/metal/noise-core music always holding you over the edge of something great. By the end of listening I was exhausted, and excited for more.

No matter your musical flavour, this country is a brilliant hot bed of genuinely forward thinking musical acts, and I suggest you get on board with this mad bunch before they go global.

1. Old Cute & Purified
2. Welcome to Slugtown
3. April 29 Brothers
4. Glow of the Wine Teeth
5. You Smell Like a Trophy
6. Customer Service Station
7. Borrow
8. Part Time Model
9. Space Congratulations
10. Convict Brick
11. Dream Life