Stark, edgy and honest

Times certainly seemed to have changed for Totally Unicorn, and if ever there was an album so much in contrast with its direct predecessor, Sorry is it.

If Dream Life was high school, Sorry is the real world waiting beyond. If that was the party, this album is the hangover of all hangovers. Drew Gardner sounds like a broken man, a voice that is all at once regret, anger and despair. Discordant, dissonant and jarring, the band provide an unsettling backdrop for Gardner’s pained, strident ranting as he stumbles from heartache to heartbreak searching for meaning. “I’ll Be Fine Now” is a sludgy, harrowing battle with addiction, “Prized Pig” a hit-out at body-shamers, “Alley (Fucking) Cats” the torture that comes from infidelity and desertion. Riffs are brutish, unforgiving and severe, clubbing the joy and warmth from life. This album is a cold, desolate struggle. Bleak, angry, desperate, forlorn, sorrowful and bitter, it’s a journey almost all of us endure at some point.

Sorry is the sound of a search for answers to a life coming apart. It’s stark, edgy and difficult to listen to and could be the most honest recording to be released this year.

  1. Sorry
  2. The Island
  3. 33
  4. Grub
  5. Heavy Breathing
  6. A Song for the Deadshits
  7. Good Thanks
  8. Prized Pig
  9. I’ll be Fine Now
  10. Alley (Fucking) Cats