The sound of a band that has progressed from their origins

Starting life as a death metal band akin to fellow countrymen Entombed, Tribulation have been slowly developing over the course of three albums blending 70s style rock and early 80s metal influences as well as some more modern flavours to create an altogether different beast. Time to see what album four has in store.

Quietly opening with a melodic guitar intro ‘The Lament’ eases you into things. Immediately you are caught up with the stomp of the drums and the continuation of the clean guitar tone as Johannes Andersson croaks his way through his lyrical tale of vampires, a theme that weaves its way through the album as a whole.

The catchier fare carries on into ‘Nightbound’ with some great guitar play between Adam Zaars and Jonathan Hultén making a great centre piece to the song, while new drummer Oscar Leander just hammers away driving the song forward continuously.

Down Below makes great use of keyboards and pianos for atmosphere as it continues to drive forward in a very unrelenting but catchy manner. ‘Subterranea’ opens with the pianos out front, before it takes you underground musically as one of the heavier tracks on the album. The same formula is used to even greater effect further on with ‘Cries From the Underworld’ as it bleeds seamlessly into ‘Lacrimosa’ that finishes heavily with a piano solo.

The cinematic scale of the album means that even the intermission styled instrumental track ‘Purgatorio’ even feels welcome. This album is the sound of a band that has progressed almost completely from their origins; the only thing missing is clean vocals, something that I am not sure the band want to touch. By far and away this band’s best mix of where they started and wherever it is they are headed musically, all while being catchy as your favourite mid 80s albums.

  1. The Lament
  2. Nightbound
  3. Lady Death
  4. Subterranea
  5. Purgatorio
  6. Cries From the Underworld
  7. Lacrimosa
  8. The World
  9. Here Be Dragons
  10. Come, Become, to Be