The band’s least interesting album so far

Over the course of their career, Trivium has established a fairly enviable reputation for not repeating themselves from album to album.

To this end, Silence in the Snow is their most melodic and accessible recording to date. Producer Michael Baskette has guided the Florida four piece toward a more commercial sound, highlighting Matt Heafy’s melodic vocals at the expense of the band’s more technical aspects.

While the exceptional title track finds Trivium drawing inspiration direct from the likes of Maiden and Priest, as the album plods along it becomes clear that the emphasis on multi-tracked vocal melodies and a more radio-friendly style has lead to something of a dumbing down of Trivium’s music. The guitar interplay between Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu is excellent as usual and the soloing is dynamic and even glorious in places, but there’s a distinct feeling that some of the twin harmonies are being recycled here and there. Likewise, much of the riffing comes off as rather simplistic chugging and Mat Madiro’s drumming is particularly lifeless. It’s clear that the band is focusing on poppier angles with tracks like the ridiculously catchy ‘Pull Me From the Void’ and ‘Until the World Goes Cold’ which, despite the bombast of its opening passage is unashamed melodic hard rock. Indeed, from midway on much of Silence in the Snow suffers from a curious blandness that makes most of the tracks sound alike, something that Trivium has never been guilty of before. ‘Breathe in the Flames’ balances things out a little with tempo and dynamics changes that recall previous albums, but while the clearly more melodic sound of Silence in the Snow will likely garner Trivium an even wider audience, this is perhaps the band’s least interesting album so far.

1. Snøfall
2. Silence in the Snow
3. Blind Leading the Blind
4. Dead and Gone
5. The Ghost That’s Haunting You
6. Pull Me From the Void
7. Until the World Goes Cold
8. Rise Above the Tides
9. The Thing That’s Killing Me
10. Beneath the Sun
11. Breathe in the Flames