Simply a great metal album

Truth Corroded has been around for a long time now and with each album they’ve just got better and heavier. Worship the Bled is the culmination of their journey so far, a crushing, savage and brutal album that brooks no compromise from beginning to end.

A portentous intro of Mongolian throat-singing and noise erupts into a ominous opening riff played over the monstrous drumming of Kevin Talley, who pounds the skins on this recording, before subsequently exploding into ferocious high speed thrash reminiscent of Hatesphere. Then just when you think “Knives of the Betrayed” can’t get any more epic, it does, as Jonas Kjellgren steps in and unleashes a face-melting forty-five second guitar solo . It’s such an enormous track to open the album that it almost threatens to overshadow the rest of it, and in truth the next song, while solid enough, does get left in its wake, but “Pride of Demise” and “Leave Nothing Alive” have their own memorable riffs and catchy groove that allow them to stand up. “The Great Waste of Flesh” then is another huge track that builds from silence to a crescendo of staccato riffing and a neat solo from Darren McLennan. “Scavengers” is a showcase for Talley’s drumming as the band cranks up the speed again before shifting into a mid-paced chug for “Remnants”. On “Dragged Beneath” Truth Corroded has an At the Gates moment as a violin saws out a melancholy theme while the band chops out death metal underneath. The album ends on the same scale with which it began, with the eight-minute thrash epic “Summon Abyss” pulling out all stops before fading out into the weird, manipulated strains of throat-singing once again.

Kjellgren and Talley certainly add a dose of magic to this album, but it’s the experience and pure song-writing clout of Truth Corroded that makes Worship the Bled what it is, and that’s one of the best local metal releases of this year. This is simply a great metal album that any band would be proud to call their own.

1. Knives of the Betrayed
2. Hunt all Heroes
3. Pride of Demise
4. Leave Nothing Alive
5. The Great Waste of Flesh
6. Scavengers
7. Remnants
8. Dragged Beneath
9. Tear Out the Eyes of Your God
10. Summon Abyss