Melbourne alt-metal dudes come around for decent second showing

I had not heard this band until I went to see Disturbed play in my hometown recently, and they struck me live as a strange mix between Faith No More and Incubus.

Being a curious individual I took it upon myself to buy their new album and give it a proper listen, and well, here we are.

So, in recorded form, the band sound as tight as they did on the stage, but also don’t hold my attention the same. The music is by no means bad, and vocalist Kin Etic does a great job holding it all down. It just seems to flit from one style to another without any good reason other than because they can do so, swinging from heavy djent driven riffs, to late 90’s nu-metal bounce, and everything in between, from jazz to salsa style breakdowns like Faith No More and at times Mr. Bungle. They do however also find a comfortable niche all their own on tracks like ‘Invincible’, ‘Post Mortem’ and the ballad ‘Oxygen’.

Twelve Foot Ninja is obviously good at doing the kind of music that a lot of people tend to use as a starting point into heavier sounds. I know they have made some great strides overseas, and this can only be good for the Australian music scene as a whole. Overall they are another local band going places on the world stage. They deserve your attention, if only for that fact that they are home grown talent, and have created their own sound and style.

1.    One Hand Killing
2.    Sick
3.    Invincible
4.    Oxygen
5.    Collateral
6.    Post Mortem
7.    Point Of You
8.    Monsoon
9.    Adios
10. Dig For Bones