Relentless in their pursuit to refine and expand upon their music

The Decay of Golden Gods is a concise, sharp EP from Tzun Tzu that continues their brand of barbaric death metal, influenced by Japanese history and culture.

Judging from the track list and titles, the EP appears to conceptually deal with Shinto gods, including Fujin (the Shinto god of wind), and Raijin (the Shinto god of thunder).

The EP finds Tzun Tzu in fine form. Each musician is highlighted here. Vocals are well executed, and the guitar riffs and solos fit the mood. Some excellent bass playing is featured throughout, notably in the title track. The EP serves as somewhat of an introduction for the band’s current drummer, Alan Cadman, and it is easy to see why the band recruited him. His energetic drumming propels the songs and acts as an anchor from which the rest of the band see fit to cut loose (no pun intended).

As stated, the EP is compact and concise, and no minute is wasted. Choosing a featured track is thus no easy task, but I’d have to give it to ‘Raijin’. The track, beginning, and ending, with rain and thunder, barrels along at a pace befitting its namesake. The atmosphere is suitably as violent as a thunderstorm.

Tzun Tzu have found their aesthetic, with both a sound and subject matter that suits them. The Decay of Golden Gods sees them relentless in their pursuit to refine and expand upon their music.

With this lineup easily proving their mettle, I look forward to seeing how they approach a full album.

1. The Decay of Golden Gods
2. Fujin
3. Raijin