Ambitious, intricate and meaningful

Metalcore veterans and standard bearers Underoath have never been afraidĀ of standing up for themselves nor of reinvention.

On their first entry in post-COVID world they have sought to experiment more than ever before, taking their best ideas from the best parts of their catalogue and bingeing on a few new ideas for a deeply conceptual, abrasive and diversely visceral ninth album. Any of the tracks that have been released from thisĀ so far are solid examples of the myriad directions Underoath goes in across Voyeurist.

From the straight-up metalcore aggression of Damn Excuses, the refined melodicism of Hallelujah and its huge hymn-like choruses, the brooding, synth-adorned Numb that strikes a cool balance between early era and now, to the darkly sprawling post-rock drone of Pneumonia, Underoath show no signs of restraining themselves to any one of the numerous guises they have worn over the past 25 years. There’s a similar aesthetic here to Bring Me the Horizon’s Post Human set – not similar sounding, mind you, but it comes from the same place of anger, frustration and confusion in a world torn apart by pandemic and, in Voyeurist‘s case, the indifference and ignorance caused by social media addiction.

The disconnection can be felt in the unanswered phone call that loops through the atmospheric synths of I’m Pretty Sure I’m Out of Luck and Have no Friends – how many of us feel like that these days? – and the frustration is hammered home with We’re All Gonna Die exploding like a whirlwind of fury. Vocal growls and extended experimentation with ambience and synths make surprise and welcome additions to Underoath’s already rich palette of sounds and textures.

Ambitious, intricate and meaningful, Voyeurist is Underoath at their best.

Damn Excuses
I’m Pretty Sure I’m Out of Luck and Have No Friends
(No Oasis)
Take a Breath
We’re All Gonna Die