Lacks its own identity

For twenty years, Unearth have been a driving force and one of the shining lights within the metalcore movement, touring extensively around the globe and delivering some blistering songs that have slayed more pairs of ears than you could count. Extinction(s) is their seventh studio album.

A fan of theirs since The Oncoming Storm and one who thinks their third album III – Eyes of Fire is one of the finest of its time, I was naturally excited to hear what they have on offer. After listening to the whole thing a few times, I honestly don’t know what to think.

It really seems like Unearth have abandoned many of the qualities that made them what they were to head in a modern deathcore-influenced directoin, quite apparent in “Survivalist”, the album opener “Incinerate” (which sounds like something Thy Art Is Murder would punch out in a session), “Hard Lined Downfall” and “King of Arctic”. Nothing strikes me as unique and comes across as the same old stuff already flooding the market in today’s day and age.

That said, there are some shining lights, especially in the Gojira-esque “The Hunt Begins”, the hardcore barrage of “Sidewinder” and “Cultivation of Infection” which sounds more like where Unearth came from and should have remained.

The biggest disappointing factor with Extinction(s) is from a production standpoint. The band have worked with Will Putney, but adopted the same sound and approach that many deathcore bands already use and it really just sounds like everything else out there at the moment.

From a musical and performance standpoint, I don’t blame Unearth for wanting to adapt with the times. That’s evolving as musicians and as human beings. It’s just that Extinction(s) lacks its own identity and many of the unique elements that made Unearth what they were. Going off their past efforts, this sounds nothing like Unearth.

  1. Incinerate
  2. Dust
  3. Survivalist
  4. Cultivation of Infection
  5. The Hunt Begins
  6. Hard Lined Downfall
  7. King of the Arctic
  8. Sidewinder
  9. No Reprisal
  10. One With the Sun