The pinnacle of their creativity and talent

Vanishing Point’s reputation has always been built on the layered melodies and soaring vocals of their often elaborate songs. Coming after a yawning gulf of six years since their previous output, Dead Elysium doesn’t let the side down in that regard.

Boasting the biggest and cleanest production of any of their albums to this point, Vanishing Point sound positively huge on this. The crunch of guitars and wallop of the drumming makes this the heaviest of the catalogue too, without compromising the melodic sensibility at their creative heart.

The title track points the way, an ambitious and heavy power metal song on which Vanishing Point seems intent on exploring as much of their oeuvre as can be fit into one track. It’s a big opening statement, setting up a big album, loaded with melody and symphonic flourishes, occasional pop-laced moments and full-on gleaming production. Silvio Massaro’s strong, soaring voice is typically in the spotlight, but the twin guitars of Chris Porcianko and Bushy Maier are also very much at the forefront on this outing, chopping out an impressive array of solid riffing and interwoven guitar solos across the board.

With tracks like Salvus and The Healing, Vanishing Point delve into their more progressive side, but with a fervour and skill they have never truly shown before. The heavier, more aggressive guitars and driving rhythms give them a depth previously lacking on this band’s albums where the onus seemed to be on melody at heavy’s expense. Dead Elysium strikes the perfect balance between the two with a production that lets everything both breathe and soar. If there is a criticism, it is that, now and then the bombast can get a little overpowering with so much going on, all the time, all of it being pushed to the brink. But Vanishing Point never goes completely off track, a well-placed guitar line cutting through to steady the rudder just as things look like plunging off a cliff in a glorious swan-dive of rampant melodic chaos.

Twenty five years into their career and Vanishing Point have hit the pinnacle of their creativity and talent. Dead Elysium is a masterful record from a band that has finally lived up to its true potential.

  1. Dead Elysium
  2. Count Your Days
  3. To the Wolves
  4. Salvus
  5. The Fall
  6. Free
  7. Recreate the Impossible
  8. Shadow World
  9. The Healing
  10. The Ocean