Could do with just a few more surprises

At the end of our review of the first volume of The Glory Days of Aussie Pub Rock (to be referred to from this point on as TGDoAPR), we were left with the question: What will Vol. 2 sound like? The answer has now arrived: much like the first one, but maybe a bit less classic. Just like the first one, the collection opens with Cold Chisel and closes with The Party Boys, and once again many of the usual suspects make an appearance: Divinyls, the Angels, Dragon, the Radiators, the Church, Australian Crawl. Again, there has been at least some effort made to include some of their lesser-known tracks: the Mentals’ cut is the plaintive Martin Plaza track ‘Come Around’ and ‘Sister’ is Flowers’ contribution. Still, there’s a lot we’ve heard many, many, many times: if I live to be a million I wouldn’t care if I never heard ‘Soul Kind of Feeling’ ever again.

This chapter does address some of the discrepancies from last time however, with the Hoodoo Gurus making an appearance along with other solid campaigners like Riptides (how were they left off the first one?), Do Re Mi, Nick Barker & the Reptiles, the tirelessly gigging Flaming Hands, indigenous collective No Fixed Address and the god-like Peter Wells, among others.

Elsewhere, however, TGDoAPR2 begins to feels a little like the compilers were struggling to fill the space. Groups like Daddy Cool and Fraternity are shoehorned in even though they were pretty much finished by the time the pub rock phenomenon began; the Fraternity one seems like an excuse to include Bon Scott, except that it’s a song from 1972, a good four years before ‘pub rock’ even happened. It’s an interesting inclusion, but only throws the spotlight on what isn’t on board: there’s no Radio Birdman, no Died Pretty, no Celibate Rifles, nothing by the Hard Ons, Machinations, the Triffids, Clouds. INXS – arguably the most successful band of the era beyond AC/DC – are again conspicuous by their absence.

Like the first volume, however, TGDoAPR2 once again highlights what a thriving and disparate rock scene Australia had for that glorious twenty year period between the mid 70s and the early 90s, but it could do with just a few more surprises.

1. Cold Chisel – You Got Nothing I Want
2. The Angels – Shadow Boxer
3. Divinyls – I’ll Make You Happy
4. Split Enz – I See Red
5. The Sports – Strangers on a Train
6. Mental as Anything – Come Around
7. Sunnyboys – Happy Man
8. Choirboys – Boys Will be Boys
9. Rose Tattoo – One of the Boys
10. Dave Warner – Nothing to Lose
11. Skyhooks – Over the Border
12. The Motivators – After the Fall
13. The Ferrets – This Night
14. Models – Atlantic Romantic
15. The Aliens – Follow That Girl
16. The Radiators – Summer Holiday
17. Matt Finish – CIA (Live at PACT Theatre 1981)
18. Kevin Borich Express – No Turning Back
19. Stars – With a Winning Hand
20. Dragon – Get That Jive
21. Richard Clapton – Hearts on the Line
22. Ian Moss – Tucker’s Daughter
23. The Black Sorrows – The Chosen Ones
24. Moving Pictures – Winners
25. Baby Animals – Early Warning
26. Heroes – I Can’t Go On
27. Dallimore – We are the Kids
28. Taste – Boys Will be Boys
29. Hush – Glad All Over
30. Supernaut – Unemployed
31. Kings of the Sun – Bottom of My Heart
32. The Screaming Jets – Shivers
33. Nick Barker & the Reptiles – Another Me
34. Painters and Dockers – Die Yuppie Die
35. James Freud & Berlin – Enemy Lines
36. Flowers – Sister
37. Noiseworks – No Lies
38. Peter Wells – Between the Saddle and the Ground
39. Buster Brown – Roll Over Beethoven
40. Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs – Sick n’ Tired
41. Jim Keays’ Southern Cross – Undecided
42. Daddy Cool – All I Wanna Do is Rock
43. Ol’ 55 – C’mon Let’s Do it
44. TMG – Gonna Be Somebody
45. Mother Goose – Moonshine Lady
46. The Saints – Ghost Ships
47. The Church – An Unguarded Moment
48. Hoodoo Gurus – In the Wild
49. The Cockroaches – Hey What Now
50. Riptides – Day Has Gone
51. Flaming Hands – The Edge
52. The Hitmen – Didn’t Tell the Man
53. Young Modern – Automatic
54. Mondo Rock – Searching for My Baby
55. Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls – To Her Door
56. No Fixed Address – Black Man’s Rights
57. Broderick Smith’s Big Combo – My Father’s Hands
58. Goanna – Razor’s Edge
59. The Badloves – Green Limousine
60. Fraternity – If You Got it
61. Gary Young & the Rocking Emus – Rockabilly Heaven
62. The Johnnys – Injun Joe
63. Warumpi Band – Stompin’ Ground
64. Vika and Linda – I Didn’t Know Love Could be Mine
65. Wedding Parties Anything – Roaring Days
66. The Dingoes – Come on Down
67. Russell Morris – Walk Don’t Run
68. Little River Band – Help is On its Way
69. Men at Work – Be Good Johnny
70. Australian Crawl – Boys Light Up
71. Hunters & Collectors – The Slab
72. Boom Crash Opera – Great Wall
73. Dynamic Hepnotics – Soul Kind of Feeling
74. Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons – All I Wanna Do
75. The Dugites – In Your Car
76. Reels – Love Will Find a Way
77. Do Re Mi – Man Overboard
78. V. Spy V. Spy – Hardtimes
79. The Spaniards – I Want to Live in a House
80. Mike Rudd & the Heaters – Talking to the Television
81. The Breakers – When I’m on TV
82. The Numbers – Five Letter Word
83. The Boys – Weoh Weoh Weoh
84. The Swingers – One Good Reason
85. The Kevins – Romeo Romeo
86. The Little Heroes – One Perfect Day
87. Uncanny X-Men – Still Waiting
88. Jimmy & the Boys – They Won’t Let My Girlfriend Talk to Me
89. Mi-Sex – Graffiti Crimes
90. The Party Boys – High Voltage