Greg and Henry would be pleased.

On May 16 this year, Jason PC celebrated the opening of the new Goatsound Rehearsal and Recording Studios in the best way possible – he got 15 different artists into the rooms at half-hour intervals and had them bash out their own version of a track from Black Flag’s seminal and influential Damaged masterpiece.

The result is one of the most inspired and original album reinterpretations you’re likely to find. Literally every single track sounds different in style from the one before – The Kill rip through ‘Rise Above’ like a coked-out grind demon, Jamie Hay and Liam White drop a striking acoustic version of ‘Spray Paint’ ahead of The Sure Fire Midnight’s classic punk take on ‘Six Pack’, the crusing stoner groove of ‘What I See’ courtesy of Broozer and then Party Vibez’ totally chaotic run through ‘TV Party’. That’s just the first five tracks. DevilMonkey add dub beats to ‘Room 13’ for surprising effect, PC’s band The Ruiner are devastating on ‘Police Story’ and Vicious Circle and Hostile Objects throw up savage hardcore readings of their chosen songs. Even if Daniel Tucceri’s ambient noodling on ‘Damaged I’ does go on for a few minutes too long, there’s not a single dud on here – a true testament to the respect all the artists have for this most important of recordings. Even better, the whole thing is available exclusively as a free download from Bandcamp but Goatsound is donating any money that is offered directly to the Sea Shepherd organisation, so certainly give them something. Greg and Henry would be pleased.

1. The Kill – Rise Above
2. Jamie Hay/Liam White – Spray Paint
3. The Sure Fire Midnights – Six Pack
4. Broozer – What I See
5. Party Vibez – TV Party
6. HWCT – Thirsty & Miserable
7. The Ruiner – Police Story
8. Acid  Vain – Gimme Gimme Gimme
9. Watchtower – Depression
10. DevilMonday – Room 13
11. Hostile Objects – Damaged II
12. Flour – No More
13. Vicious Circle – Padded Cell
14. Blunt Shovel – Life of Pain
15. Daniel Tucceri – Damaged I