The most frighteningly unhinged vocalist in a while

Hailing from Wales, this band have been getting great reviews from all corners of the death metal world for their great playing ability and their vocalist’s almost hardcore lyrics and pure death metal fury delivery.

Beginning with the standard death metal intro trope of an obscure film piece, and then launching into ‘Abysmal Agony’ with full gusto, not for a second would you consider Larissa Stupar not up to the task, coming across like the most frighteningly unhinged vocalist to come out of the scene in a while.

Despite the great vocals, the album is very samey. The real stand outs come in the middle of the album. ‘Corrode The Black Sun’ finishes with a great acoustic change in that really adds to the atmosphere and ‘Immanetize Eschaton’ has a far darker plodding pace, which is a welcome change from the opening battering.

This shows what Venom Prison are so capable of and it all comes together nicely on final track ‘Womb Forced Animus’ but it often feels that in an attempt to show how hard they are musically, they have buried that obviously great ability in blast beats and ferocious repetitive riffs.
The album could have done with a bit more variety, and with a few good tours and a few more years Venom Prison may come back with something this is hinted at sometimes here, but lacking.

1. Syllogism
2. Abysmal Agony
3. Celestial Patricide
4. Desecration of Human Privilege
5. Corrode the Black Sun
6. Immanetize Eschaton
7. The Exquisite Taste of Selfishness
8. Devoid
9. Perpetrator Emasculation
10. Womb Forced Animus