Belies its consistency with a mixture of styles and elements

Voyager has long been plotting their own unique course through the world of progressive metal and V completes a triptych of near-perfection that started with the sublime I Am the Revolution.

Almost the first thing to make an impression this time is the incredible production the band has afforded this album. Melodic metal always benefits from a clean production but the sound on V is pristine. There’s a sharpness to this that mainstream pop artists and producers would envy, pulling every aspect of Voyager’s multifarious palette into bright focus while still allowing them to combine in a way that has become the band’s trademark. That crispness gives the guitars a crunch that creates an overall heavier sound across the board with Simone Dow and Scott Kay stepping out into more gregarious soloing than has previously adorned a Voyager release. The band’s scope has always been wide but on V they cast the net even further, resulting in the most epic-sounding release of their career so far.

V is an album that belies its consistency with a mixture of styles and elements craftily woven throughout the running time, a kaleidoscopic melange of synths, guitar crunch, polyrhythmic drumming, unshakeable hooks and infectious melodies. Danny Estrin once again proves himself to be a dynamic and versatile vocalist, blending his 80s New Wave pop style with an occasional deep growl (‘Orpheus’) and teaming up with Zemyna Kuliukas for a stellar trade-off in ‘A Beautiful Mistake’ that is a highlight among a sea of highlights. Tracks like ‘Embrace the Limitless’ and ‘Breaking Down’ emphasise Voyager’s poppier elements while the darker ‘Orpheus’ shows off their heavier, more dramatic side and ‘The Domination Game’ displays a technicality to their playing. To round out an already brilliant album, Voyager plays the surprise double hand with the gorgeous Whitlams-like ‘Summers Always Come Again’ that then segues into ‘Seasons of Age’, a slow and dramatic number that rates as possibly Voyager’s heaviest ever song. It’s an epic finish to a tremendous album that should allow Voyager to take even bigger strides onto the world arena.

1. Hyperventilating
2. Breaking Down
3. A Beautiful Mistake
4. Fortune Favours the Blind
5. You the Shallow
6. Embrace the Limitless
7. Orpheus
8. The Domination Game
9. Peacekeeper
10. It’s a Wonder
11. The Morning Light
12. Summers Always Come Again
13. Seasons of Age