A special kind of beast

Playing a combination of hard rock with black metal-style lyrics isn’t a new thing, but has been made popular in recent times by bands such as Ghost and the lucky few to catch their coat tails.

Vulture Industries are not necessarily one of those bands, having been around a lot longer, but they have been fortunate enough to have been swept up in the surrounding media storm, bringing them more attention for their avant-garde leaning music.

Starting with a simple and very hummable riff ‘Tales Of Woe’ is a great way to open an album, with vocalist Bjornar Nilsen’s whispered raspy vocals adding the theatre you would expect from blackened music like this before he opens up fully on the chorus. From here, the song takes on a very prog direction that is really hard to pigeon hole.

Following track ‘As the World Burns’ open in a similar fashion, at first worrying this intrepid traveller of musical journeys that this may be one of those repetitive bands to have found their favourite start-soft finish-loud dynamic and running with it. After building to a crescendo in a similar vein to its predecessor while also sounding like a church hymnal building into a dark storm of confrontation.

‘Strangers’ bears a very 70s traditional sound, like Jethro Tull at their heaviest, with trumpets adding a lush layer as the song flows into the dreamy ‘The Beacon’. It is within this airiness that I realise how much of a challenge explaining this album has become, as it gets heavier towards the end.

This album truly is a special kind of beast, a one of a kind in a vein similar to the first Faith No More – you listened and could not describe what was going on to everyone you wanted to tell. There are elements of prog and traditional hard rock painted musically everywhere mixed with doomy undertones, while lyrically there is some of the blackest subject matter covered, but in a clean and completely listenable way. Best look to the dark ‘Gentle Touch of a Killer’ for the best insight as to what I mean here.

I am by no means a professional writer, just a person lucky enough to have an opinion published by a very patient editor. In saying that sometimes I struggle to articulate on paper what is swirling in my head. This album is one of those that readily exposes these weaknesses to properly explain myself and must be heard to be understood lest I continue to carry on in circles. In short, if you are a fan of bands such as Ghost or Arcturus but would like something more twisted and darker, this is for you. It will keep you coming back to discover its hidden intricacies.

1. Tales of Woe
2. As the World Burns
3. Strangers
4. The Beacon
5. Something Vile
6. My Body, My Blood
7. Gentle Touch of a Killer
8. Screaming Reflections
9. Midnight Draws Near