The spirit of punk anger boiling right on the surface

Unsure modern times politically can only mean good punk rock right? This is Tim Commerford’s (Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave) time to shine.

Tim C has had a busy 2016, between his electronic musical outlet Future User, and the new version of RATM currently called Prophets of Rage, this great little punk album surprised me when it turned up on my radar. But I can see where all of his political efforts have gone.

This kicks off in great fashion with ‘Sober Addiction’ and straight away you can tell the music was written by a bassist: the heavy bass tone is front and centre, and is on every track. The jazz style off time drumming is great, and really sets the tone. Next is one of the stand out songs from a pretty strong album over all. ‘The Number’ starts out with Tim C vocalising the coming bass riff. You can hear the general anger in the lyrics. There is something familiar with Tim’s vocal style, and I just cannot seem to nail it.

That is until the immaturely titled ‘Generation Fucked’, everything clicks together and the band sound like mid 90’s Helmet at their fiery best. It seems like such a throwaway song title, but there’s a helluva catchy chorus. Sure you can’t sing it on the bus, but you sure could hum it well.

And that is the problem with this album. It really is well written musically, and in the places where the lyrics are strong like ‘Nail in the Snail’ and ‘La Liberte Ou La Mort’ Wakrat sound great. But the lyrics let them down in places, mainly in the chorus. They generally have a cause to rally against, but looking for a memorable hook gets lost in dodgy choruses. I found them to just be forgettable on the last two songs, even though it has been the only album I have listened to for the last few days (I do love a good punk album).

Overall, this is a good modern punk album. The band behind Tim Commerford is obviously more than capable, and there is a spirit of punk anger boiling right on the surface for all to see. And that is not a bad thing. What the world needs in thees current unsure times is more of a political view to action from down here on the bottom, and this is a good place to start.

1. Solar Addiction
2. The Number
3. Generation Fucked
4. Nail in the Snail
5. La Liberte ou la Mort
6. The Thing
7. Knucklhead
8. New Clear
9. Pigs in a Blanket