A sure fire attraction

Thrash never died. Just ask Warbringer. In a crowded landscape it is important to add just enough to stick out, which Warbringer managed to increase in more recent times with flourishes of black and death metal guitar antics keeping them out on their own musical pasture.

Weapons of Tomorrow opens in a frenzy of riffs as would be expected from a band of this ilk, but it all passes by so quickly and frenetically that it welds together into a mix that, while heavy and fast, plays out into monotony.  It isn’t until Defiance of Fate, half way through the track listing, that the band shows their skills not only with speed but with musical atmosphere.  Starting out with the kind of melodic guitar work seen in early Metallica (think Fade to Black), with the music slowly building as John Kevill croaks his best black metal vocals, adding theatre into the track.

From this late starting point the album blossoms into more than a show of pure force and brutality. Holding onto the opening aggression but adding elements of prog and upping the black metal influence Notre Dame (King of Fools) is a great example with some classical guitar woven throughout, adding and keeping things interesting. Glorious End is the perfect way to wrap the album, successfully tying up everything Wartbringer has attempted both here and throughout their career, making it a sure fire attraction for fans old and new alike.


  1. Firepower Kills
  2. The Black Hand Reaches Out
  3. Crushed Beneath the Tracks
  4. Defiance of Fate
  5. Unraveling
  6. Heart of Darkness
  7. Power Unsurpassed
  8. Outer Reaches
  9. Notre Dame (King Of Fools)
  10. Glorious End