Great comeback from thrash revivalists

With so much music swirling around these days, it isn’t hard to get lost, or be forgotten.

Sadly for this rather strong thrash revival band, even though they released some staunch albums from 2009 through to their last output in 2013, Warbringer all but disappeared behind a veil of inner band turmoil.  Vocalist John Kevill vowed to carry on in 2014 when the rest of the band all but abandoned him.

With that in mind, and guitarist Adam Carroll back with him, the band has come back with a vicious thrash assault. Building up fast with the sound of a soft breeze before trying to damage your hearing on opener ‘Silhouettes’ and then tearing straight into the title track without rest, this is the most aggressive Warbringer has ever sounded.

Every track oozes aggression with the obligatory flashy guitar solos thrown in so you can catch your breath, something that can be hard to do with tracks like ‘Shellfire’ and ‘Descending Blade’ only allowing a small amount of respite toward the end of their respective run times.

While the album runs for 40 minutes, it feels over a lot faster than that thanks to the constant pace and great song writing. Even the proggier album closer ‘When The Guns Fell Silent’ doesn’t feel any part as long as its 11 minute length.  The clear and very crisp production aids this feel, with every note coming through with the clarity required to follow such great musicianship.

Whether you are looking for a great album to bang your head to, or one to shred along with, Warbringer have released an album that is going to be hard for any of their peers to surpass this year.

1. Silhouettes
2. Woe to the Vanquished
3. Remain Violent
4. Shellfire
5. Descending Blade
6. Spectral Asylum
7. Divinity of Flesh
8. When the Guns Fell Silent