The sound of a band that can do whatever they like

Watain are one of the last wave of black metal bands to have maintained a very traditional sound across their releases with just enough experimentation to keep the elitists asking questions.

Trident Wolf Eclipse bursts out the gate with the one-two of ‘Nuclear Alchemy’ and ‘Sacred Damnation’ providing everything the average black metal fan can ask for, a constant battering-ram like percussive assault and the required dry production/mix present. It’s obvious from the outset that Watain have taken a step back from the more experimental reaches of previous release The Wild Hunt and gone instead for the immediacy of their earlier selves.

The slower opening of ‘Teufelsreich’  gives a sense of experimentation for a moment before the percussive pummelling reminds you of the hell you have entered. This formula is repeated with great effect towards the end of the album with ‘Towards The Sanctuary’, a track that carries a great groove buried within the barrage around it.

Trident Wolf Eclipse blazes on with the vicious formula that opens it, twisting and turning through great percussion and short sharp guitar solos. Erik Danielsson delivers his nastiest vocal performance yet.

The immediacy of Trident Wolf Eclipse works greatly in the bands favour, its running time is considerably shorter than their last couple of releases, and with music this abrasive, shorter run times benefit the listener. This album has been aimed at the fan base that may have started to walk away as Watain reached their experimental peak on The Wild Hunt. This is the sound of a band that they can do whatever they like, but really excel at black metal.

1. Nuclear Alchemy
2. Sacred Damnation
3. Teufelsreich
4. Furor Diabolicus
5. Throne Below
6. Ultra (Pandemoniac)
7. Towards The Sanctuary
8. The Fire Of Power
9. Antikrists Mirakel