The perfect statement for those with a short attention span

Jesse Leech originally got his job fronting Killswitch Engage through his work around the hardcore scene around New York and Massachusetts. When that band unexpectedly exploded he was forced to leave behind some of his socio-political leanings. Even during his ten-year absence from KsE, he never quite managed to scratch his NYHC itch.
Until now. The Weapon is a project he has spoken passionately about for a sometime now, releasing a quick fire two track EP in early 2018.

Opening salvo No Surrender and Enforcer quickly show that this is not just a one-man band with the focus solely on the vocalist. Played fast and loose with just the right amount of grit for those of us who remember the early cassettes and 7”s, guitarist Chris Drapeau, bassist Josh Mihlek and drummer Andy Mass show off the urgency that brings forth the passion in the project.

The Weapon pushes frenetically through Slave State, Shotgun Anarchy and We Won’t Lose before switching gears ever so sightly into Knuckle Up that takes a turn for the tough guy Madball/Cro-Mags image, showing an angrier side of Leach’s lyrics that don’t often get let out of the room as he offers everything that pisses him off a free knuckle sandwich.

Unstoppable is the next gear change, here the harsh vocal tone is taken back a notch so the message within the music and lyrics really gets a chance to be heard, taking a more Rancid-like punk approach including a great bass guitar run.

This is as much a love letter to a scene as it is a musical statement for the world as it is currently seen by the group performing it. Short and sharp, over in 20 minutes, it is also the perfect statement for those of us with a short attention span.  It is music this urgent that first drew this listener in, now excuse me as I wrap myself up in this like a warm blanket.

  1. No Surrender
  2. Enforcer
  3. Slave State
  4. Shotgun Anarchy
  5. We Won’t Lose
  6. Knuckle Up
  7. Pink Tax
  8. Unstoppable
  9. At What Cost