Another violent overture

Matt Wilcock and Dave Haley seem to hit a real vein of creativity in the past twelve months, being involved in half a dozen varied releases, three of which feature both of them. 

What a Time to Be Alive is the second Werewolves album in less than a year, and like the first explodes into unrelenting misanthropic blackened death metal from the first moment. There’s no pretenses to anything other than violence here – Werewolves is all about extreme metal and nothing else. What a Time to Be Alive rips out a path of destruction and seething disdain with little regard to melody and none to groove, just ferocious, catchy death metal riffs at breakneck speed, furiously hammering drums and sinister, rasping vocal howls and low-range screams. Each track piles on more and more aggression and extremity until tracks like Mission Statement,  Antisocial and Traitors and Bastards are pushing into grindcore-level intensity, while occasionally dropping into an almost hypnotic rhythmic drive. Then with the final track, the band plays their most surprising hand.

On They Will Pay With Their Own Blood, the band slips into a dingy rock vibe similar to Wilcock’s Shotgun Mistress, gradually cranking things up into a full-on death metal assault to end things on another note of violence. Taking up where the previous album left off, What a Time to Be Alive is another violent overture from some of the most fiendish minds in the death metal business – and the cover is sadistic genius. Get into it or get out of the way.

  1. I Don’t Like You
  2. Sublime Wartime Voyeurism
  3. Mission Statement
  4. Crushgasm
  5. Unfathomably Fucked
  6. Antisocial
  7. Traitors and Bastards
  8. A Plague on All Your Houses
  9. They Will Pay With Their Own Blood