Chock full of dirty grooves, fat riffs and gravel-pit vocals

Whisky Smile has landed and you better take heed.

This five track debut is chock full of dirty grooves, fat riffs and gravel-pit vocals that will strip the paint from your walls. “Cheap and Easy” starts things off with deceptive melodic arpeggios building to a long intro of near epic proportions until that caustic voice and a simply killer riff take the listener into a heavy rocking sludge-ridden odyssey. Up-tempo syncopated beats drive the amusing “Ernie Dingo’s Got My Baby” before it slows down into a heavy, swinging groove rounded out by a blues-drenched solo. “A Shallow Grave” and “Green Eagle” are flat out rockers with more groove than they have any right to and they finish things off with a kick ass version of “Rock Lobster” that closes hilariously with an enormous breakdown that Parkway Drive would be proud to call their own (it could well be one of theirs). Obvious touchstones like Clutch, Every Time I Die and Sons of Disaster inform this and let’s face it they’re not re-inventing the wheel but Whisky Smile have a humour and honesty that gives them an identity of their own and fans of those bands could do far worse than check out these guys. See them live too. They’re loads of fun.

1. Cheap and Easy
2. Ernie Dingo’s Got My Baby
3. A Shallow Grave
4. Green Eagle
5. Rock Lobster