A good half-hour of perverted entertainment

With each release since They Did Unspeakable Things, Whoretopsy has been moving away from the slam realm without compromising brutality or depravity.

With only Storma still left in the band from that early recording it’s probably not so surprising that Whoretopsy’s sound has also moved on. While there’s still plenty of vocal squeals and chugging slam sections, they up the stakes with thrashy parts, some old school death metal and the occasional extended solo as in ‘Gym Junkie’. There’s also plenty of the usual depraved humour and a couple of silly samples tossed in that reminded me of good old Cuntscrape. The production values are much higher than on previous outings too, and overall the material is pretty solid, making for a good half-hour of perverted entertainment. They’re never going to be everyone’s cup of blood but Whoretopsy have hit their stride with Never Tear Us Apart.

1. Prelude to a Fist
2. Thirty Shades of White
3. He Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly
4. Dendrophilia
5. Hiss Your Eggs Out
6. My Strange Addiction
7. Gym Junkie
8. Hair, Fat and Baby Wipes
9. Jackhammer Skullfuck
10. Never Tear Us Apart