Big dumb, enjoyable deathcore

This band started life as an interesting deathcore before being swallowed in a mire of horrid second rate lyrics and musicianship, made all the more disheartening when their second album was a deathcore concept album, which musically wasn’t overly special but conceptually brilliant.

Blood of My Enemy opens with a short symphonic intro ‘A New Day’ before blasting into ‘Nameless Walker’ and what is instantly recognisable is that the band has gone back to their earlier style.  Gone is the hip-hop/nu-metal bounce and the tough guy lyrics appear to have been toned down.

…Until follow up ‘Kings Of Carnage’ comes in, with the toughest tough guy lyrics since Emmure’s release earlier this year. Musically the ethereal keyboards that underlay the posturing of the lyrics are what keep the track afloat and keep the listener hoping it gets better.

Generally that posturing has gone, only arising here and there, and Winds of Plague has definitely taken a more hardcore lyrical approach with this album such as the gang chants on ‘From Failure, Comes Clarity’ and ‘Snakeskin’ with keyboard symphonics reminding you who you are listening to.

That isn’t to suggest the album is all bad; the band experiment with small changes and a loud soft dynamic to keep the music interesting, and the injection of female vocals on some tracks helps keep the constant battering assault of the deathcore interesting enough to keep listening. The perfect culmination of what the band is trying to achieve comes with the title track, while some of the heaviest things they have attempted are on the backside of the album such as ‘Never Alone’ and its follow track ‘5150’ with its cinematic introduction my favourite on the album.

I wanted to dislike this a lot more than I did, especially after their last couple of releases. And while it is by no means a slice of musical brilliance, I can see this for the gateway to heavier things that it is, or the sugary treat it feels like. After all everybody has something like this in their collection, just most won’t admit to it in a group situation. Welcome to a new era in big dumb, enjoyable deathcore.

1. A New Day
2. Nameless Walker
3. Kings of Carnage
4. Soul Eater
5. From Failure, Comes Clarity
6. Blood of My Enemy
7. Snakeskin
8. Never Alone
9. 5150
10. Either Way You Lose
11. A Walk Among the Dead
12. Dark Waters