A throw back to when the fear in music real

Released just shy of the twelve month mark from their last album, Witchery are a band with no time to waste, and a point to prove.  

The short intro piece ‘Legion’ sets the tone for the album, one of blackened darkness, with a raw tinnier production to boot, before flowing into the more mid paced ‘True North’ that while holding onto the darkness of the intro, doesn’t feel as urgent.

The feeling of urgency returns after the second track and holds on as it rubs you down with a feeling of ominous darkness and production straight from your favourite black metal album, cymbals ring constantly and guitars rip through the speakers while the rawness of the drums brings the sound together. The only problem is when the band is going full tilt it can all bleed into together.

‘Of Blackened Wing’ is a great example of it all coming together in the perfect whirlwind of arctic frost and dark hate, while the brilliant ‘Seraphic Terror’ suffers in its best moments from the production or lack thereof.

Personal production complaints aside the album only seeks to get better and better as it continues, from  ‘Dry Bones’ and its unsettling spoken word introduction that sounds like a demon speaking  directly to the listener until the album closes with ‘The Alchemist’, the aural assault is the strongest the band has ever unleashed on the unsuspecting metal masses.

Witchery has done exactly as they set out to do with this album, and that is create a modern throw back to a time when the fear in music was a very real thing, and they have succeeded in every facet.

1. Legion
2. True North
3. Welcome, Night
4. Of Blackened Wing
5. Dry Bones
6. Amun-Ra
7. Seraphic Terror
8. A Faustian Deal
9. An Unexpected Guest
10. Great Northern Plague
11. The Alchemist