A good solid album of rocking industrial metal

Industrial metal is a pretty formulaic genre so one is going to know right away what to expect from Melbourne four-piece Witchgrinder.

The Demon Calling isn’t going to win too many awards for originality but those looking for a solid local exponent of Rob Zombie-style industro-groove, this not only fits the bill but probably surpasses some of his more recent offerings.

The band’s influences are worn proudly on both sleeves as they plunder the Ministry, Zombie and Rammstein riff catalogue mercilessly but Witchgrinder make up for any mimicry they may be guilty of by cranking up the heaviness factor and offering more in the way of lead guitar prolificacy than most groups of their kind. Blazing solos punctuate the likes of the title track, ‘Cult of Voodoo’ and others, adding a touch of original character to an otherwise well-used musical palette of groove-ridden chug riffs and horror film samples. “I Am Animal” and “Most Evil” are practically Ministry songs circa Psalm 69, “Curse of the Electric Eye” is pure Rob Zombie worship, but it’s all done with a kind of wide-eyed adoration that makes it all very appealing.

Witchgrinder may not be reinventing the wheel – not even making even attempt to do so – but The Demon Calling is a good solid album of rocking industrial metal that stacks up against the best of the genre. Devotees should enjoy it.

1. Ballad for the Damned
2. The Demon Calling
3. Boneyard
4. Monster of Man
5. Jack the Ripper
6. Cult of Voodoo
7. Through the Eyes of the Dead
8. I Am Animal
9. Most Evil
10. I See Death
11. Curse of the Electric Eye
12. No One is Coming