Tight, heavy, fast and ferocious

Tight, heavy, fast and ferocious, Xenobiotic step up to the plate again to unleash hell on their latest album Mordrake.

A long intro builds the tension into Insomnia, distorted appegios give way to chugging riffs and a scathing vocal attack, underpinned with a deceptively plodding drum beat. Light That Burns the Sky introduces two-tier vocal harmonies and malicious, single-note melody lines, adding further depth to the Xenobiotic attack. It’s a strong beginning, but as they carry through into the next couple of tracks, a feeling of general sameness starts to creep in.

That is until Saphris ascends gradually on a melancholy piano riff before a clash with speedy, howling metal with icy atmospherics. The injection of this black metal aestethic lifts Saphis above the level of the rest of Mordrake, a clear highlightXenobiotic reach another pinnacle with the two-part closing epic where the band show all their colours, progressive riff structures and arrangements pushing each other toward a towering crescendo that drifts to silence on a surging melody. The balance of the album doesn’t quite rise to the same heights – Mordrake is technical death metal impressively played, but the songs lack true variety to really set them apart.

  1. Insomnia
  2. Light That Burns the Sky
  3. Inverted
  4. Acedia
  5. Dysphoria
  6. Saphris
  7. Fractured
  8. Thalamus
  9. Grieving Loss of Self
  10. Mordrake I – Reverie
  11. Mordrake II – Acquiesce