Dark Tranquillity - We are the Void

05-Nov-2010 Label:Century Media/EMI
Producer:Tue Madsen
Playing time:41.28 
Rating: 60%
Reviewed by Andrew Kapper
Dark Tranquillity never seemed to reach the same levels of success as the peers, such as In Flames and At The Gates. Regardless of this, the Swedish six-piece have released plenty of high quality albums, and with the release of their ninth studio album We Are The Void, will they be able to keep up their same consistent high standards?

The trio of opening songs on the record are among the best the band have ever written, especially the bobbing and weaving of "Dream Oblivion". This song sounds like nothing the band has ever released, which should come as little surprise considering it was penned by new bass player Daniel Antonsson. It's mid-tempo yet time-signature melding groove is furthered by a disjointed but addictive song structure. Meanwhile "The Fatalist" is classic DT, with strong keyboard melodies from Martin Bränström backed by aggressive, yet dynamic, guitar playing.
As always, Mikael Stanne's vocal attack and thought provoking lyrics are on top notch form throughout the album, as is the crisp and clear sound of the self-produced album. Disappointingly though, the further the album progresses the more forgettable the songs become, with the last five or so songs flying by without a sign of a hook.

 It's a true shame, as the We Are The Void starts of fantastically, it seems that Dark Tranquillity just didn't have the goods to get it to the finish line. A fairly decent album, but newcomers would be advised to explore the band's deep back catalogue first.
1. Shadow in Our Blood
2. Dream Oblivion
3. The Fatalist
4. In My Absence
5. The Grandest Accusation
6. At the Point of Ignition
7. Her Silent Language
8. Arkhangelsk
9. I Am the Void
10. Surface the Infinite
11. Iridium

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