Demon Lung - Pareidolia

01-Jun-2012 Label: Independent
Playing time: 21.57
Rating: 90%
Reviewed by Curtis Dewar

Demon Lung - PareidoliaI can’t stop listening to Pareidolia by Demon Lung. In fact, I think I’ve become obsessed with this Las Vegas band’s sweet, sweet blend of Sabbath and Electric Wizard, topped with Shanda Fredrick’s menacing Ozzy-like vocals. Don’t worry about the Sabbath comparisons however; these guys are no throwback band. Iinstead they pay tribute to the Godfathers of doom while maintaining their originality.
Right from the opening song "Lament’s Code” the riffs hit like the band is trying to rip your heart out and thentake you to an unholy place with their crushing heavy beats. This song is catchy, heavy and slow, just like the best doom should be. Of particular note is Frederick’s vocals. I read a review recently where they were referred to as “flat”. This is far from the case. While she doesn’t particularly vary her singing style, her voice adds the perfect edge to the music, much like Ozzy did with Sabbath. The girl is perfect for the band’s music and without her voice, the band would not be the same.

As far as debuts go this smokes, and I look forward to hearing more from these guys in the future. About the only complaint I can make is the fact that this is just too damn short at only 22 minutes long. If this was meant to act as a teaser to make me want more of the band’s material it worked. I can’t wait to hear more from Demon Lung in the future.  Check the album out on the band’s Bandcamp site, and spring the dollars to get it. It is well worth the purchase!

1.Lament Code
2. Sour Ground
3. Death Mask
4. Pareidolia

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