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28-Mar-2011 Manning Bar, Sydney
March 26, 2011
Support: Bane of Isildur
Reviewed by Sam Radojcin
Pix by Albert Gestal

You know it’s going to be an interesting Saturday night when you see people dressed as Vikings, wenches and one guy who looked like a strange hybrid of The Mad Hatter and an Oompa-Loompa in line to get into a venue, and there were plenty of people dressed up for the folk metal barrage of Finntroll, Claim the Throne and Bane of Isildur at Sydney’s Manning Bar.


An opening slot can be a blessing or a curse for many bands. In the case of Sydney’s Bane Of Isildur, their slot fortunately fell in the former category, as they took the ball and ran with it. They received a huge reception from a nearly packed floor ravenous for a barrage of their war metal stylings, making a huge mosh pit while pumping their fists in the air with pride. I am certain Bane came away with a larger fan base and they opened the night on a positive note.


After a brief change over, Claim the Throne rolled onto Sydney’s shores for a long overdue return. For those who haven’t seen them before, Claim the Throne don’t tend to hold back on the performance aspect. Their set is like a big folk metal party with the band dressing up in character, combined with lots of drinking, sing alongs, windmills and beer bongs. The only thing missing was a pig on a spit. They stormed through their set delivering such cuts as “Set Sail on Ale” and the acoustic driven “The Lake” and “Conquer, Trounce, Vanquish” surely solidified the band’s standing among their fans and probably won some new ones over.


The changeover between bands felt like an eternity. The crowd got a bit restless and started to chant but that all went out the window when Finntroll hit the stage to the ominous war drums of “Blodmarsch” that segued into “Solsagan”, whipping the Manning Bar’s floor into a insane frenzy of moshing and crowd surfing that kept security on their toes.


The set relied heavily on their latest release Nifelvind and included the likes of “Under bergets rot”, “Ett norrskensdåd” and “Dråp” but their back catalogue was well represented with “Nattfödd”, “Maktens spira”, “Den frusna munnen” and “Nedgang” along with the blatant crowd favourite “Trollhammaren” that stood out from the rest of the set.


Finntroll’s material tends to sound quite similar after a while, with every song just continuing into the next. The opening bands had set the bar so high with their solid performances they were going to be hard acts to follow, but for many that really did not matter. They partied their arses off and the band looked genuinely happy to be there with frontman Vreth thanking the crowd for supporting folk metal.


The vibe of the whole night and the amount of punters in attendance was quite positive, proving that the folk metal genre has amassed quite a following not just in Australia, but worldwide.

Slaget von blodsalv
Skogens hamnd
Den frusna munnen
Ett norrskensdåd
Midnattens widunder
Grottans barn
Under bergens rot
Mot skuggorans varld
Maktens spira
Jakten tid

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