Psychothermia - Slash & Burn

29-Jul-2012 Label: Independent
Produced by Psychothermia
Playing Time: 25.24
Rating: 85%
Reviewed by Christine Caruana

Pscyhothermia - Slash & BurnThe band previously known as Canobliss has had a recent name change – due to legal reasons – and is now known as Psychothermia. "Slash & Burn" is the first EP released under the new name, and although the band remains the same – apart from the departure of one member – a distinct sound difference is heard from their last record Man is the Enemy.

The opening track “Anarchy” sets the stage for the record, and immediately we know these guys aren’t playing around. They aren’t just singing about black Cadillacs anymore. It’s about truth, freedom, and strength. Rock n roll can generally be put into two categories: the serious music that makes you think and the good time party rock n roll. Both have their place and merits, and while the records under Canobliss maintained that good time rock vibe, "Slash & Burn" has matured into a serious, hard as nails rock n roll record.

The first single “Crazy X” was released with a video of the band literally setting themselves alight. As far as the track goes, it isn’t the best representation of the EP as whole. It's not that it's  weak, but it upholds that party rock feel of their past, which the rest of the record seems to indicate the band is stepping away from.

Psychothermia couldn’t have created a better record to mark their new beginning. As a band they sound tighter, in more control of their sound and this truly sounds like the CD they have wanted to make all along. The track “The Fight” sums up the record in one simple line: “new direction, glory days.” Psychothermia is one of the best independent bands to come out of America in a long time, and it really is a mystery why these guys haven’t been picked up by a label, or just better recognised around the globe. The wild ride that is "Slash & Burn" may only last 25 minutes, but the catchy hooks, killer solos and pounding drums remain long after the disc has stopped spinning.

There are only 350 copies of this being pressed ever, so get in quick before they’re all sold out.

1. Anarchy
2. Crazy X
3. Slash & Burn
4. The Fight
5. All the Diamonds
6. Danger Sign

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