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Sydney metalcore crew Buried In Verona’s 2008 debut album Circle The Dead was a heavy, well-produced, yet ultimately generic and highly dispensable first-up effort. Two years on, the band have released the follow-up, Saturday Night Sever. While no marked stylistic leap from their debut, the album does possess more of an individual identity than previously and legendary producer Fredrik Nordstrom’s (In Flames, Soilwork, Arch Enemy) crushing mix also gives the material a crisp, fresher feel. Loud caught up with drummer Chris Mellross for a chat.

Q: The band took a gamble and went to Sweden to have the new album produced and mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom, who has worked with some of the biggest names in heavy music. How was that experience and are you completely satisfied with the final results?

A: We took a monster gamble, but fuck it was worth it (laughs). To be able to record an album with one of the most renowned producers in the metal industry was amazing. Fredrik is literally the best dude any of us have ever met. We also had Henrik Udd work closely with us on the album and he was so good at his job, we couldn’t have asked to work with better people. Saturday Night Sever couldn’t have turned out better, we are all super stoked on the final result. We would go back in a heartbeat just to see them.

Q: Great stuff. Do you think more Australian metal bands should do what you have; save their money and head overseas to have their albums attended to by some of the best in the business?

A: I think ideally everyone would like to do that, we were just fortunate enough to be able to go and do it. It’s not easy being able to self-fund an album recorded on the other side of the world with the best guys in the business. A lot of it comes down to timing, I don’t think you can afford to wait too long to save your money, ’cause you need to release fairly often and saving up to record could backfire if you disappear from the scene for too long.

Q: Where there any new bands, or new influences that impacted on the band musically while writing this album?

A: No, we don’t like to mimic or try to sound like another band. Of course there are parts or styles from other band you think are sick, but we always want to make our songs ours. Personal growth was our bigger influence, we are all a lot better at our instruments and want our songs to both sound good on CD and go down sick live.

Q: From where did the band derive its lyrical inspiration for this album?

A: It’s a pretty aggressive album if you read the lyrics, It’s the dark side of Brett’s (Anderson, vocals) life. For example ‘Hangin’ Hoes By Their Toes’ is written about a night Brett was dog shotted at a club and had his jaw fucked up. So that song is about getting revenge on the guy that hit him.

Q: Interesting. In contrast to the viciousness of the lyrics, many of the song titles are clearly intended to get a laugh from the listener as well. Which band member(s) tend to come up with the song titles?

 A: Scott (Richmond, bass) came up with all the funny song titles. Even though the lyrics are angry, we all have a good sense of humour, none of us that life too seriously. Ultimately we all just have fun and take the piss out of one another.

Q: In what ways do you feel this album is an improvement upon your debut?

A: This album is better in every way. We have all matured and our writing has improved hugely. I think this album isn’t so confined to a genre, Circle The Dead was very metal, we wanted to steer away from being so metal and throw a bunch of “styles” together and make our own style of heavy music. Saturday Night Sever has a bit of everything but doesn’t sound like a bunch of styles one after the other in each song, it has been mixed in together as one style.

Q: The album has also been released at a similar time to the new Parkway Drive record, who obviously play a similar style of music. Do you feel this could benefit Buried In Verona, by attracting more interest to this style of metal in Australia?

A: It could of but we could’ve been easily over-shadowed by both Parkway and The Amity Affliction. We all support Australian bands, so whoever goes well we are happy for them. I think the camaraderie has dropped a bit in the Australian scene, it’s almost like a competition to be better then the other rather then to support each other. So far we are very happy with how the album has been going, we just have to see how it pans out over the next six months.

Q: What are the band’s touring plans for this record and do you also hope to venture overseas for some touring for it?

A: We are on tour now with our good friends Bermuda and UK’s Silent Screams, both amazing bands and worth checking out. We are touring this album nationally over an 18- date tour in June/July. We are announcing a headline tour for September/October to tour Saturday Night Sever. So check our MySpace for dates. We plan to head overseas at the end of this year or early next. It’s just talk at the moment but we feel we need to tour this album overseas if we want to make it.

Q: How are the new songs going over in the live environment?

A: The reaction so far has exceeded our initial expectations, a lot of people already know the lyrics and scream them out, which is any band’s dream. We couldn’t be happier with the response we had so far. Great pit movement and good crowd involvement is all we can ask for.

Q: On a more personal note, are there any new releases you’ve been enjoying lately?

 A: I can’t talk for the other boys, but for me I’d have to say Youngbloods by The Amity Affliction and Recovery by Eminem haven’t left my CD player. Both are amazing albums.

Q: Are there any up-and-coming bands that you’d recommend our listeners check out immediately?

 A: Bermuda and Silent Screams. You have to check these bands out, they won’t disappoint.

Q: Final question – any famous last words?

A: We just can’t thank everyone enough for buying our album/listening/seeing us live. We are incredibly grateful and hope you guys continue the support.