Latest release: Until I Feel Nothing (Victory/Riot!)

Carnifex has a new album out call Until I Feel Nothing. We sent them a bunch of questions. They sent some back. Loud gets terse with vocalist Scott Lewis

Q: What’s been happening in the world of Carnifex?
A: Doing as much as we can to promote our new record and get ready for the next touring cycle.

Q:How was it working on the album with As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis?
A: It was good. We have been friends with Tim for awhile so it was a failure face. Daniel Castle also worked on the record quite a bit and he was a huge help in the studio.
Q: Until I Feel Nothing is a culmination of your sounds from the past, and in turn redefining your direction, is this album an end of the era record, paving the way for some very new stuff next time round?
A: I wouldn’t say its the end of anything. Just the ongoing process of refining our sound.

Q: Carnifex is pretty much always on the road. What are the tour plans for this record?
A: We’ve been on a 5 month break to record this album and take a breather before we get busy again. Lots coming up. All our dates are on
Q: Who has been the best band to tour with?
A: To many great bands to name just one.
Q: Deathcore tends to get a bad rep in the metal scene. How do you feel about that? What do you do to keep your music exciting and ”not just another deathcore band”?
A: We write what we enjoy, if that’s labeled deathcore so be it. We’re not writing to fit into a certain genre.
Q: If you were to recommend 3 bands/albums that would change people’s minds about deathcore, what would they be?
A: I really have no idea.
Q: Your vocal style is less varied in Until I Feel Nothing, and tends to stick with low growls, and occasionally a black metalesque shriek, why the change from using a variety of styles in the past?
A:  *
Q: Did you approach this record differently to the way you did your past records?
A: No, just took our time and kept writing till we were happy with it.
Q: What or who is your biggest influence?
A: We have 5 members in the band and all of us write so we have varied influences.

Q: Hell Chose Me was a great record for Carnifex. Are you worried that Until I Feel Nothing won’t live up to that?

A: Not at all. We wouldn’t have recorded anything we didn’t think wasn’t better or didn’t live up to our past records.

*Editor’s Note: Carnifex apparently don’t answer questions they don’t like, and it would appear they barely answer anything else. For some reason, a singer doesn’t like being asked about why he changed his vocal style. Perhaps Christine should have asked him more pertinent questions about tatts or haircuts. Kids, this is NOT how you promote your band. Leave the rockstar bullshit to professionals like Axl Rose.