Since 2005, Perth’s Chainsaw Hookers have been smashing out their punk infused, dirty Motörhead -like rock, and are about to embark on their follow up album to 2012’s self-titled release. The band have been busy in recent times securing local support slots with the likes of Monster Magnet, Kylesa, Everytime I Die, OFF!, The Misfits, The Gaslight Anthem and a host of others, as well as the upcoming King Parrot show in Perth. Bass player and vocalist Andrew Rowcroft is enjoying the experience.

“It’s a really great feeling to support your musical heroes so were hoping that it continues and it’s a great reward for a lot of hard work. For me OFF!, was a real highlight,” he declares. “They played a really rad set and then let us hang with them backstage. I got the best history lesson of my life from Keith Morris.”

As for the upcoming King Parrot show, the debauched nature of the Melbournians sits well with Rowcroft and co.

“Yeah we actually played with them in Melbourne and Sydney for the Devil’s Kitchen Tour and then in Queensland for the Dead of Winter Festival.  They are insane live, such a fun show.”

Deriving their name from an old horror movie,  the local rockers have steadily built a reputation for playing some of the tightest sets on the live circuit.

“It’s from the 1988 Fred Olen Ray film Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. We thought Hollywood made the name too long, so we dropped that”, Rowcroft says.

With no record deal in place the band have recently launched a new Pozible Fund Raising Campaign in the hope of raising $10,000 to complete a new album. The ‘buy now, listen later’ option gives fans a heap of options to secure exclusive pre-order vinyl packages and even denim jacket vests, amongst other items.

“Everything we’ve done as a band over the past eight years has been off our own backs. It’s something we’ve taken a lot of pride in. The same is happening with this next album, but we are giving our badass fan base the option of pre-ordering some exclusive items to lessen the up front burden on the band and our families,” Rowcroft explains. “So far, the response has been brilliant. Our fan base is strong and loyal and very excited to get involved. I guess it’s a great way for the fans of the band to get involved. It’s basically just a pre-order. Pay for the album in advance, so the band has the funds to make the record, everyone wins.”

“We are releasing the album both on CD and vinyl,” he continues. “The vinyl will be a limited edition colour. We are also doing t-shirts and posters.  There is also an opportunity to  join our blood brothers fan club, where you get a special denim vest with those plus exclusive offers down the track.”

Anyone who has experienced the Chainsaw Hookers repertoire will know the band love to delve into horror themes and movies, and Rowcroft offers a small glimpse into the new material.

“We have already played ‘Jaws’ and ‘The Lost Boys’ live, which will definitely be going on the record.  We have a bunch of others though like ‘Brotherhood of Satan’, ‘They Live’ and ‘Blue Sunshine’.  The rest we haven’t done the words for yet. The album title has had a heap of discussion, we have a lot of good ideas, we just haven’t properly decided on it yet. Jaws is my favourite movie of all time, so I’m glad we’re doing a song about that.”

Chainsaw Hookers are also the founders of Perth’s Blood Rock, an annual punk/rock/metal/hardcore festival featuring multiple stages and involving local, national and even international bands. Last year’s event featured Israeli punk band, Useless ID, along with The Clowns, The Decline, Monuments, The Hard Aches and a heap more.

“The date isn’t set yet, but it will be in November again,” Rowcroft says of the 2014 version. “There’s definitely one band already confirmed – the Chainsaw Hookers!  We were really happy with how 2013 went, the turnout was great and people really got behind it. With Perth’s Soundwave Festival gone forever, there will be a massive hole in the festival circuit locally.  I don’t think were trying to take the place of Soundwave, but we’re hoping we can continue to grow each year.  We’re hoping to attract a few more interstate bands etc.”

Despite all the local shows and now and again heading over to the east coast, the band still have their sights firmly on a US tour down the track.

“That is still definitely on the cards. It’s just a matter of sorting it all out. I’d say either later this year or early next year. We cannot wait to get over there,” Rowcroft says.

On the final question of which band in the world Chainsaw Hookers would most like to support, Rowcroft is emphatic.

“Motörhead.  Because Lemmy is God!”

Can’t argue with that.