Perth folk-death-chaos metal/drinking team Claim the Throne will soon be celebrating their tenth anniversary as a band with a run through the eastern states, before heading in record their third full-length album. We checked in with front man Brendon “Cabba” Capriotti on what we can expect when they storm the stage this time.

It must have been a while now since Claim the Throne has played here on the east coast.
Oh God, the last time… you know what? I can’t even remember. Probably has been too long! Actually the tour we did with Be’lakor we played at the Bald Faced Stag.

That was for the last album. What are you doing specifically for the 10th anniversary of the band?
This will be the last tour we do for that album before the new one comes out, which we are knuckling down on for the rest of the year. So the idea for this tour was to celebrate the ten years that we have been together so we’ll be playing a bit of every release that we’ve had to date, as well as, obviously, some new stuff. Having a birthday party tour, basically.

And having a bit of fun, as well, of course. It’s always a pretty fun gig.
Yeah, that’s the idea. Having fun and getting drunk and doing metal. You get to catch up with punters around the country and get everyone to party hard and have a good time.

How does Jim [Parker] get time to do all this – he’s in about eight bands or something now, isn’t he?
He’s actually only in one at the moment. He joined Disentomb which is a band from Brisbane, which I’m sure people know. They’re one of the great new metal bands going around Australia at the moment. He does contract work and saves up enough to do his next trip, basically. He’ll work for a month, go over to Brisbane and jam with those guys for a month, go on tour with them and then come back here and tour with us. He plays it pretty well. We weren’t actually expecting him to come with us so we had someone available to fill in who we booked flights for and everything, but Jim’s just told us that he can come. He’s a bit of a metal lord, so he knows how to do it.

Can you tell us anything about the next album yet? Is there much to tell? Is it going to be a surprise? The band’s changed a fair bit over the ten years you’ve been together.
It has. For those who have followed our discography or our timeline would know we’ve always done the folk metal type thing with crossover with the more extreme stuff as well. We’re all big fans of melodic death metal so there’s always that, but we always experiment with the more folky stuff and the more heavy stuff. The most recent album Forged in Flame is probably the best indication of what we’re trying to do. The upcoming album… the new songs are definitely in the vein of that stuff. It’s always really heavy, but also really fun. That’s our goal this time.

You said you’re going back through the whole catalogue for this tour, so does that mean you’ll be playing some stuff that you probably haven’t played for a while?
Definitely. It might only by one song or two that we get in the setlist because the songs that we’ve done are generally pretty long – like ten minutes or so – so they can be hard to fit into a setlist if we’ve only got half an hour, so they can be hard it squish in when we’re trying to play new songs as well. One of the songs we’re playing on this tour we probably haven’t played in five years… six years live. Our drummer Ash [Large] has been in the band five years and never played it live until last week on the first show of the tour in Perth and it went down pretty well. People who’ve got the old albums often ask us to play them, and this is the best opportunity we have to do that.

You’re going to be locking yourselves away to record after this, so that means we won’t see you back again now for a while.
That’s right. We’ll be over in September and then the next four months we’ll be locked away finalising all the new tracks and doing the recording. But we’ll be back mid- to late- next year with a new album tour. Until then, this is the last chance. Next year we’ll be playing the majority of the new album, so if people are fans of the older stuff, this is the time to check us out.

Catch Claim the Throne live in September:
4/9: Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Sydney NSW
5/9: Hell on the Bay, Melbourne VIC
6/9: Barwon Club, Geelong VIC