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Dead in a Second is the new project from Thousand Needles in Red guitarist and songwriter Tristan “Trizo” Bouillaut. The axeman briefly talked to Loud about their new EP, musical trends, touring plans and more.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the origins of this new project?
A: It all started just before last Christmas. Most of the tracks were born between Christmas and New Year 2011, including the band name. It was the first three weeks I had completely off in years so I figured, “drink beer and watch cricket or start a new band, drink beer and watch cricket?” Yep, looking back definitely used the time well… There was a big fireball of creativity waiting to come out. Dead in a Second is that fireball.

Q: You played all of the instruments on the EP. Was it a welcome thing to extend yourself like that and how satisfied are you with the results?
A: Well it definitely wasn’t a planned thing where I felt I had to play all the instruments to save the world and my ego. As the producer I knew exactly how I wanted each instrument to sound. Lucius Borich (Cog, FLOATING ME) came in to have a listen and gave me some advice on the drums. I ended up working crazy hours, pretty much non-stop so it was nice to track something and have the option to listen and live with it before giving it the green light. I met Rick (Hammond, vocals) through a mutual friend Lee Moloney years ago, probably ten years. I got in contact to see if he wanted to lay some vox down on a demo, so I could use it to find other members. He ended up working out and becoming a really great friend.

Q: Are the musical and lyrical influences for this project somewhat different to Thousand Needles in Red?
A: For sure it is. They’re two completely different engines, built by the same mechanic with a different race in mind.

Q: (Laughs) Good to hear. The EP seems to draw a fair amount of inspiration from the late 90s/early 00s hard rock/nu metal scene, a style of music many musicians seem to steer clear of as it isn’t exactly “fashionable” right now. Does that not even enter your thinking when creating music?
A: What is “fashionable” in music right now? As far as I can see all the 90s guys are headlining Soundwave and still selling loads of records around the world. I think “fashionable” is where we fit ourselves in the whole puzzle as listeners. To answer your question though, it never crossed my mind. An artist will always think his newest material is fresh and that’s because it is, to them and their fans. There’s only so many ways to cook a steak; music styles and influences will always come back around – my opinion.

Q: Are there any plans for touring or a full-length album with Dead in a Second?
A: For sure dude! Just started demoing the new record, will wait for the right time to pounce and then, yeah, set up some tours. As for now it’s a young band that needs to earn its stripes so we’ll keep doing our thing until that time.

Q: With Clint Boge’s departure from The Butterfly Effect many punters are expecting more time to be dedicated to Thousand Needles in Red now. Is this the case or do you plan to spend a fair amount of time on Dead in a Second as well?
A: Dead in a Second is now my priority. There comes a time in life where you have to run your own race… Dead in a Second is exactly that for me.

Q: Any famous last words?
A: Thank you to all the Dead in a Second family out there for all your messages and support. We truly feel proud that we are in all this together. Thank you to our awesome street team that love music so much that they work for free; you guys are making a band as much as we are. See you soon.