Industrial metal pioneers Fear Factory were recently announced as part of next year’s instalment of Soundwave Festival. Loud were lucky enough to spend time with their machine-gun guitarist, Dino Cazares who is very honoured to be part of the mayhem come next February.

“We’re really excited that AJ chose us for the next Soundwave,” he says. “We can’t wait to get to Australia. We’ve always had a personal love for the people and the whole scene. The festivals are amazing and whilst we’ve done the Big Day Out a few times, it’ll be Fear Factory’s first time at Soundwave. I was there a few years back with Divine Heresy. We can’t wait.”

Whilst the Festival is yet to name its second instalment of artists, it was clear that Cazares was already well versed with some bands on the line up and was already looking forward to casting his eyes on other performances while there.

“I see Ministry, Godflesh, Faith No More, Lamb of God, Slipknot are all there. I can’t wait to see some of those bands. I can’t wait to see Godflesh, I think we’re playing the same stage, so that’ll be great.”

With the band in the preliminary stages of readying itself to enter the studio to record their ninth album, fans of the band can likely expect one or two new tracks come February 2015.

“Well, everyone has been asking about the new and old material,” Cazares says. “We’re currently in the process of doing the pre-production for the new album which means we should be in the studio recording soon. It depends if the single will be out by then (Soundwave). If it is, we’ll throw in one or two new tracks in there for sure.”

The new album will be the third which Cazares has recorded since re-joining Fear Factory following some upheaval and an eventual split. It seems the relationship with the dry lung vocal martyr Burton C. Bell has never been as strong, however,

“It’s great. Everything has been reconciled years ago, we’re onto our third record together now since I’ve been back, so that’s a good sign,” Cazares says.

The band hit the studio in October/November and hope to have the new album out in early 2015. Regular contributor Rhys Fulber will again oversee production. The guitarist allludes to another themed/concept album being on the cards.

“That’s something we’re working towards. Not everything is written as yet but it is leaning that way.”

One point of conjecture from The Industrialist was the use of a drum machine and whilst Cazares didn’t have an issue utilising the technology, it appears that the fans have spoken,

“Well we’re going to have a live drummer,” he concedes with a laugh. “The last record we used a drum machine, but we’re going live this time, so that’s different. I had no issues with its use; it was more some of the listeners weren’t too keen on it, but whatever, you learn as you go along and this time we’ve decided to go back to the live drummer and Mike Heller will play on the record. We’re just looking to expand who we are, our style, bring back some groovier sounds to Fear Factory. It’s really hard to say what the final outcome will be as we’re in the middle of the creative process at the moment.”

Fear Factory are no strangers to our shores and seem quite intent to get amongst the Soundwave atmosphere and be a more than willing sideshow participant, even offering the Perth fans some hope.

“There will be sideshows. They haven’t announced any as yet, but there will be some. Hopefully we’ll do a Sidewave show in Perth — fingers crossed. I love Western Australia.”

The 2013 Australian tour involved the band playing their iconic game changer Demanufacture in its entirety, a move the band may replicate in the future. When Loud presented this question to Overkill’s Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth back in June he felt his band would become a nostalgic act if they started touring old albums. It’s a notion Cazares disagrees with.

“I enjoyed it,” he says. “On the Demanufacture tour, some of those songs we had never played live. ‘Therapy for Pain’ we’d never played live. ‘Dog Day Sunrise’, ‘Hunter-Killer’, ‘New Breed’ we had hardly played live at all so it was a good chance for us to do those songs. It’s a classic record, people love it and if we do it again it would be for Obsolete.”

Despite his hiatus from the band in the early 2000s Cazares is proud of his achievements with the band, unable to distinguish firmly his most cherished moments across their 25 year existence.

“You know, Soul of a New Machine was like a life changing experience. I never thought I’d be making a record, I dreamt about it, but it actually came true. That album was something special as it had that first feeling, it was like losing your virginity. When we recorded Demanufacture everything just connected right, we discovered who we were, we knew our sound and we really shone. Obsolete went to a whole other level. All three of those albums were life changing experiences.”

With two remix albums as part of their discography, 1993’s Fear is the Mindkiller and Remanufacture of 1997, Cazares is unsure if that is something still on the Fear Factory radar.

“Is that something that people want still? I think at the time there weren’t too many bands doing remix albums that were a full on mix of techno, industrial and death metal. The last few years a lot of bands have been doing remixes like dub step and it’s kind of ruined it for me, but we’ll never say never. I mean our music is definitely made for remixes.”

Back to the band and their undeniable Australian connection with Bell known for his adoration of Karnivool, Cazares offers his thoughts of artists from Australia he personally enjoys.

“Lately I haven’t really heard much beside Thy Art is Murder,” he says. “I love them. Obviously Twelve Foot Ninja as we toured with them last year. One of our really good friends, Paul Wardingham from the Brisbane area, he is a great artist. He has an amazing new record out soon. A solo artist, a killer shredder. If you like Fear Factory with a bunch of guitar solos, then that’s your guy.”

So with the king of machine gun riffs and spicy food will be in town February 2015, our parting question was a clear one. Which is the best Mexican food in Australia?

“Guzman Y Gomez… awesome tacos”.

If that doesn’t get the band a few free feeds when Down Under in 2015, we’re not sure what will.

Fear Factory will be appearing at Soundwave in 2015:
21/2: Bonython Park, Adelaide SA
22/2: Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne VIC
28/2: Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney NSW
1/3: RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane QLD