Latest release: Sin And Bones (Century Media/EMI)

Fozzy have recently been added to the Steel Panther/Buckcherry upcoming Australian tour in December and LOUD caught up with the larger than life front man, Chris Jericho to see what got his band out to our shores again.

“We just played Soundwave in February, and AJ Maddah (Soundwave’s iconic promoter) wanted to bring us back. We thought about it for a whole second and half, and said we’ll do it,” Jericho emphatically states.

It seems the earlier Soundwave appearance made an impression on Jericho, who along with the band was very impressed with the festival, adding, “AJ is very hands on. Soundwave was one of the best festivals we’ve played, well organised all across Australia. It was the first time we’ve ever played Perth, we were very impressed, and one of the best tours we’ve been on in our lives.”

The Steel Panther shenanigans on stage are widely known and whilst Jericho and co. have yet to play with the band, the upcoming tour has him excited of what is to come,

“I’ve seen Steel Panther maybe once. I know what they’re all about, adding that element of fun to their shows, as do we. I think it’s a good match up – all three bands will bring a great vibe, some great players involved,” Jericho adds.

Fozzy have built a reputation over the years for delivering energetic live shows and Jericho encourages the fans to get to the shows early for his dose of electricity.

“We don’t have pyro or anything,” he says. “We are the show, we take it very seriously, involve a lot of crowd participation. We want people to have a great time when they come to our shows. We bring 1000% to each show; it doesn’t matter how big or small. We expect a lot of Fozzy fans this tour to go crazy”.

Fozzy’s last album, Sin And Bones has been out now for just over a year and the band want to act on the momentum that the last year has built, Jericho says.

“We’ve got a lot of momentum from this tour having played over 130 gigs. Anytime you can have that much reaction from an album you know it was a success and you’ve got to keep rolling, keep your foot on the door and keep the damn thing open.”

Jericho divulges further: “We’re already writing for the new album. We’ve got a lot of good stuff in the works. All things working out, this Australian tour will be the end of the Sin And Bones tours, so it will be a great way to cap it off”.

While their tour here may be a great ending, Jericho was less than impressed on the recent finale of  TV show Dexter that inspired the track, ‘Dark Passenger’ from their last album.

“Dark Passenger was definitely influenced by Dexter. He would do all these evil things and then go away and live a normal life,” Jericho explains. “I thought the finale of Dexter was awful, I did not like it all. I didn’t like the ending with him being swept out to sea, presumed dead and then next time you see him he’s a lumberjack. Dexter at its best is one of the best shows ever, Dexter at its worst had so many plot holes it drove me crazy.”

Fozzy have recently been touring with UK metal stalwarts Saxon, cutting a swathe through the US.

“It was great. Very much a lot of respect for Saxon with all they’ve accomplished. The thing I really love about it too is their new material is just as good as their older stuff. A very vibrant living, breathing, relevant band. It wasn’t as if it was a nostalgic thing or a band resting on their laurels,” Jericho explains. “To go out with them was a blast, with both bands trying to kick some ass. A lot of Fozzy fans didn’t know Saxon and a lot of Saxon fans got introduced to Fozzy, so both bands left with new fans and that’s why you do those kinds of shows. It was cool to stand by and learn from them, an amazing live band and we really got along well.”

Jericho recently returned to the wrestling ring, which is now more a casual part-time role these days as Fozzy grows internationally and the touring schedule is quickly filled. Now 43 years old, it seems the former world wrestling star is still in ripping shape.

“I feel great; I finished my wrestling stint in July, following time off from Fozzy. The body is great. I probably do more of a work out during an 85 minute Fozzy show than a wrestling match. I probably would of never of said that six months ago,” Jericho reveals.

The Jericho career has involved everything from his wrestling exploits to time on reality show Dancing With the Stars, to singing in Fozzy and writing books, the third of which Jericho states is coming soon.

“I’m working on it now, middle range stages, its looking good, it’s great now I’ve got enough experience to do a third book. I’ve got a pretty interesting life I guess,” Jericho says.

Indeed he does.