Cult Japanese trio Guitar Wolf are bringing their frenetic, feedback-drenched brand of garage punk back to Australia in December. Loud talked to Seiji (aka Guitar Wolf) about their impending return, their self-proclaimed “jet rock ‘n’ roll”, James Bond and more.

Q: Many Australians may not know about the meaning of the phrase “jet rock”. Can you explain this term?
A: Sure. It sounds as loud as the jet engine. It’s rock ‘n’ roll of speed, as sharp as a laser beam. It requires tremendous power. So far we are the only ones who can jet rock in this world.

Q: Who are the band’s main musical and lyrical influences?
A: The leader of the band is Seiji, guitar and vocal. Link Wray and Johnny Thunders are the biggest influence on us. The lyrics may be influenced by the old Japanese pop songs, the bikers, films and manga.

Q: Is the band working on new material at the moment?
A: No specific release date is set for the new album yet, but we’ve started working on it. I’m always holding my special antenna high toward the universe. Now my antenna is open toward the fourth dimensional world, too.

Q: The Guitar Wolf tribute album I Love Guitar Wolf Very Much features many popular American musicians. Was it an honour for those artists to pay tribute to you?
A: We are just grateful there are so many rockers who like us and covered our songs.

Q: This will be your first Australian tour since 2006. What can Australian fans expect from Guitar Wolf’s live show?
A: It was back in 1999 when we first visited Australia. I can’t tell you what you should expect from us. We are going to rock wild. Just make sure you get a rabies shot when you come to the shows.

Q: What are your memories of the previous Australian tour?
A: I was so happy we were playing in Perth for the first time. We lost one of our equipment at some point. We put out the words (that) we couldn’t keep playing without it. Then the lost equipment was delivered to the next show. Nice country. In Sydney, a man came on to hit me during the show. He was too excited. I thought, “what a nice county. How exciting to be in such a country”.

Q: Good to hear. Besides the shows, what are you most looking forward to doing while in Australia?
A: Hooking up with my friends is the best.

Q: Are you a fan of any Australian bands and if so, which ones?
A: Of course, AC/DC.

Q: Can you name some exciting Japanese bands that your Australian fans should listen to?
A: Teengenerate, Fire Starter, Radios, 5678’s and King Brothers. Gasoline does great shows.

Q: Guitar Wolf also made a famous appearance in the zombie horror movie Wild Zero. Would you like to do more film work in the future?
A: I’m waiting for an offer of James Bond 007 role. It takes time to get such a role; doesn’t come easy.

Q: (Laughs) Any famous last words?

A: Give me your money!