Latest release: Trainwreck (Out soon)

Sydney hard rocking four piece Hell City Glamours are in the middle of their final tour. After twelve years of blasting across stages with everyone from Paul Stanley to Alice Cooper to Sebastian Bach to Brides of Destruction, Living Colour, the Supersuckers and even New York Dolls, the Glamours have been conspicuous by their absence from the live scene for more than a year. A little while back, the band announced they would be hanging up their spurs in July, so we grabbed bass player Jono for a bit of a chat.

Hi Johnno. Great to chat with you, but sad to hear that this will be the last go round for Hell City Glamours. What brought about the decision for the band to end?
You just do something for a long time and things change pretty dramatically for everybody, especially over the course of a decade. We’ve done a lot of good shit and we don’t want to keep flogging it just because… it’s not we don’t enjoy it, we’ve just got different priorities, I guess you could say. I live in Melbourne, we’re off doing our own thing. Oscar’s really, really busy making his own beer… we don’t even have time to tour anymore.

There are a few shows left on the farewell tour now, but the last one in Sydney at what I suppose you could say was the band’s spiritual home.
Yep, Oxford Art Factory, July 12. They’ve always supported us. Mark the owner’s been a fan since long before Oxford Art Factory… from Spectrum, upstairs where Hell City played one of the very, very first shows. We found the Art Factory way back with Archi, the old bass player. He found this place and suggested we do a bit of a show there, so we go way, way back with Mark so it’s sort of fitting place to say goodbye.

The album’s coming out as well, which has been quite a long time coming.
We started recording it in – fuck! Just trying to remember now… 2010? Maybe then we tracked Trainwreck. Maybe if I found an original file I might be able to work it out but it’s definitely been a very long time, so that’s the way we move at the moment, I guess you could say.

I assume you’re going to be playing a very special show when the time comes.
We’ll play until our arms and legs fall off, I think. We rehearsed for the first time in twelve months a couple of weeks ago and I think we went through thirty five or thirty eight songs. We went right back and played ‘The Skeleton’ again, which we haven’t played in years, off the Les Infideles CD which came out in 2004, right through to some choice cuts off the new record so it’s going to be a long, eclectic set.

So will you all be continuing with music after this?
We’ve all got bands. Bobby plays in a band called Blackbird, which is a sort of a Graveyard sort of style – big rock groove, three guitarists – who are really, really good. He’s been away overseas a lot the last twelve months and they’ve just been kicking off rehearsals again in the last couple of weeks. Mo’s playing in a band called Muchas Sonar with a bunch of dudes from Newcastle who are really good – kinda like Rocket From the Crypt sort of stuff and I play in a band called Firearm which is just a straight-up 80s style hardcore band. And Oscar’s just started playing with an old friend of ours called Sindy Sinn who used to be in a band called L.U.S.T. He’s just playing guitar but he’s described it as a Stonesy sort of thing with a chick singer. So we’ve all got things going. Me and Mo and Robbie have all had our side project bands going for a long time. None of us are not playing music anymore.

And of course by ending it now, you all end up staying mates.
Yes! There’s never been any bad blood other than sitting-in-the-van-for-too-many-hours argument. We’ve always stayed mates, it’s a big part of it. You get to a point where, when we were really touring heavily, we were beginning to spend a little bit too much time together and we were starting to get in each other’s hair, but those times were what they were but we’ve moved on from that a long time ago. As you may have noticed, we haven’t played too much over the last couple of years. There’s no creative differences or any bullshit like that. We just decided it’s time to go out with a bang instead of fading out, and just playing our rock n roll that we’ve been playing all these years.

Well all the best with the last hurrah. It’s great that everything is going to wrap up so positively.
We decided to go on a really positive note. We finally finished the fucking record and we’ve finally got the time. The record was finished six months ago but with Mo and Robbie going to South America for an extended period of time, we put the tour together for when everyone was going to be free for it. We wanna say goodbye to everyone the best way we know how, and that’s playing shows for everybody, so that’s what we’re gonna do.

These are the last ever shows for Hell City Glamours:
6/6: Transit Bar, Canberra ACT
7/6: Crowbar, Brisbane QLD
28/6: Crown and Anchor, Adelaide SA
5/7: Cherry Bar, Melbourne VIC
12/7: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney NSW