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Horizons Edge vocalist Kat Sproule is as excited as anyone else about the upcoming return visit by Germany’s power metal heroes Primal Fear. Not only is her band supporting them on both dates of the tour, but they have worked extensively with frontman Ralf Scheepers in the interim since their previous album Heavenly Remains.

“I spent time recording with Ralf so it will be good to support them and it will be great to see them play again,” she says, “because I went and saw them two years ago when they played out here. Just an amazing band live, so to get to open up for them and then see them play two nights in a row is just an amazing thing.”

Scheepers’ involvement with Horizons Edge including co-producing, alongside Bob Katsionis, guesting on the title track, and working with Sproule on developing her vocals. Before recording began, she took lessons with him that have helped her mature as a power metal singer.

“Most of my singing has [previously] been in opera and musical theatre, and then some contemporary stuff,” Sproule explains. “So when I started singing power metal, I was just listening to some stuff and trying to mimic what they do. Having specific training in power metal – and obviously Ralf is one of the best – there was just little things here and there, getting more power, more aggression.”

The effort paid off. It’s a very different Kat Sproule whose voice can be heard soaring across the band’s latest album. There’s an air of confidence and maturity that also carries through the rest of the band and their music. Let the Show Go On is a huge step up from its predecessor. While not furrowing new musical ground, it’s a display of solid growth with a real depth to the performance.

“When you’re in a band you can take a while to take your sound and find your confidence,” the singer admits. “We decided that we needed to really push ourselves [this time], get someone else to record it, produce it and do everything. It was the second album that Ed [Grosso] and I had written together so we were more comfortable and a bit more understanding of how we work. Me personally, on the last album, it felt like I was just testing the waters. This one I just went, mentally and emotionally, I’m just going to give it everything and not hold back anymore.”

In a further boost for their ambitions, Horizons Edge are now attached to Melbourne label Dinner For Wolves, the home of a growing roster of heavy bands that includes names like The Screaming Jets and Superheist, Red Bee and Dead City Ruins. Getting signed means another burden is off the singer’s shoulders.

“Just having someone there that knows the business side of the industry, because it really is a game. My thing is singing and performing and writing songs. I’m not really a business-minded person. I’ve done a lot of managing of the band and I’ve done the best I could, but having a label on board, they just know a lot more about that side of the industry and it helps with promotion and a lot of things where I was just going, ‘I think I know what I’m doing’.”

Let the Show Go On might have been only just released, but Horizons Edge are planning to start working on the follow-up very soon. When you’re this hot, better to strike the iron.

“In between now and the Primal Fear show we’re just going to concentrate on writing for the next album,” Sproule says. “The whole process takes a while and you want to come out with another album roughly within the two year mark, so we’re going to take some time writing.”