Latest release: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (Hellcat/Shock)

Danish rockabilly punks the HorrorPops are about to embark on their first Australian tour in five years. Fronted by the talented and cheeky Danish punk queen Patricia Day, Australian fans will get to see the HorrorPops as a trio for the very first time when they hit our shores in late April. Their most recent studio album Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill features some kickin’ tunes like ‘Hitchcock Starlet’, ‘Keep My Picture’ and ‘Miss Fit’ and has more of a New Wave feel to it which was something the band wanted to incorporate into their sound. Since the album’s release the bands popularity has grown rapidly and the band is finally getting recognition around the globe. Cameron Edney caught up with the band’s vocalist and bass player recently.

Q: Hi Patricia, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me today. Let’s firstly talk about the upcoming Australian tour… You guys must be excited to be heading back for shows in April.
A: Yeah of course, it’s been five years and it’s been stupid that we haven’t been back. I’m excited. We’re in the middle of writing songs and preparing for the next album and we agreed that we needed to do a tour somewhere where we were allowed to do a rock n roll show and get our booze on, so we chose Australia and I think we chose right don’t you?

Q: Oh for sure. It’s been a little over five years since your last Australian visit, what fond memories come to mind when you look back on that tour?
A: Oh, man! [laughs] The best tours are the ones that you don’t remember too much of [laughs] As far as tours go I don’t remember too much but I do remember having a day off and holding a koala bear. I have the picture to prove it, that was exciting. Australia’s just a great place. It’s similar to Denmark in the sense of sarcasm and humour that there’s not an abundance of that here in Los Angeles [laughs].

Q: How about this time around… Have you planned to take in much of the sights?
A: No, no unfortunately not, we’re basically playing, playing, playing. I know the venues will be in cities where we can go out and do stuff after the shows. I bet you that you can find me within four miles of the venue.

Q: At one of the loud pubs or club sinking back a few drinks…
A: Exactly! I didn’t say that you did [laughs].Q: [Laughs] What can the HorrorPops fans expect when you hit the stage in April; do you have anything special planned for the Aussie crowds?
A: Maybe. I won’t say too much about that, what will be different from the last time is that we will be in Australia as a three-piece. Australia hasn’t seen us like that; it’s the original HorrorPops line-up and the best in my opinion. It’s a way better and bigger show for some reason. I think it’s ’cause we have more space to play around and less people onstage.

Q: Are you guys planning on recording any of the upcoming shows for a possible future release?
A: We’re out there to have a good time, definitely

Q: Patricia whilst we’re on the subject of touring, what’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you whilst performing?
A: [Laughs] Oh, how old are your readers? [laughs] I don’t know what the craziest thing is, ’cause it’s always something. It’s a HorrorPops show so there’s always something crazy but having a fake leg thrown at you onstage was one of those experiences [laugh]. You say to yourself I wonder how many times they’re gonna try that one? [laughs]

Q: Besides the obvious of course, what’s the one item you always take on tour with you?
A: No, I want to be reminded of being on the road. I try to remember to pack an extra pair of underwear and that’s about it!

Q: Over the years you have been fortunate to share the stage with many amazing bands. Whilst on the road who’s given you the best touring advice and what was it?
A: I never take advice! [laughs] You’ve just gotta learn on your own. Touring with Roger Miret and the Disasters… he could teach me a lot about Jägermeister. Touring with Offspring was an amazing experience. I’ve never met any band be as punk in their way of thinking as they are. They gave us their credit card at a point in time when we were broke and didn’t have any food. They gave us everything they had; they are the most punk I’ve ever experienced any band be, no matter how punk they say they are.

Q: Going right back to when the band first formed, can you recall the hardest time you had as an opening act?
A: Anytime before moving to the US was hard, being a Finnish band and Denmark is a third world country when it comes to rock n’ roll. You can play in rock n’ roll venues and there would be five people there. I think there is a video actually of a show in Denmark where you can see the whole room and stage and you can see three people sitting at a table in front of the stage and you see one get up and leave [laughs]! Ha, good times! [laughs]

Q: I wanted to talk to you briefly about writing and time in the studio. It’s been a couple of years now since Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill was released. Now that you’ve had so much time to dissect the album, is there anything you would have changed or wish you’d done differently?
A: No no, that would mean that we would have to put thinking into what we do [laughs]. It’s pure nerve! We do what we do to please ourselves and nobody else and the same goes for the next album we record, when that finally gets out not everybody will like it and maybe more people will like it more than ever before but either way we don’t put shit out to please anybody but ourselves and if we’re lucky enough to have people like it, great, but if not at least we didn’t prostitute ourselves.

Q: Tell us about the band’s writing process. All bands have their own way of doing things, how does the process work for the HorrorPops?
A: I have no fuckin’ clue how it works, we live together so we’re together all the time. It’s just whenever the mood comes over us! We have a recording studio in our house, I would go in there in the mornings ’cause I like my voice all raspy in the mornings, and I’ll see… sitting in there in dirty underwear and a joint hanging out of his mouth saying, “Hey check this out” or Necromance running around with his guitar trying to play ten different riffs at once and we will try and separate them, or I’ll come up with something. Other times we will just jam. It just depends on how much Jägermeister’s gone [laughs]. We don’t really have a formula and I believe that we would never want to have a formula. We just do what feels right.

Q: What can you tell us about that? Are there any working titles you can share with us?
A: I don’t think it’s going to be the same as the last album; I don’t think it will be same as any of our previous albums. I know some of it won’t be like anything else. There will be some songs for the dedicated HorrorPops fans; there will be some for the punk fans, the rock fans and for the new wave fans.

Q: Has there been a release date set at this point?
A: We’re actually waiting on Kim Nekroman. I don’t know if you can hear him in the background but he’s actually laying down the vocal tracks for the Nekromantix album. That will be done and out in a month and then once that’s done we’ll start recording HorrorPops but I can’t put a final date on when that will be released…

Q: We’ve hit the part of the interview where our readers get to find out more about the real you. What was the first concert you attended and how much of an impact did that have on you musically?
A: I’m a privileged brat ’cause I grew up with a family of musicians. I had a jazz musician that would drag me around to all these shows where people would be onstage and throw an ashtray. My step dad was 50% of the band Laid Back that were pretty big in the 80s. I grew up in his studio basically. But the first concert I remember attending that made an impression was Prince with Sheila E on drums and all I remember is this fuckin’ woman rockin’ so hard onstage, she had this twenty minute solo and I thought to myself… fuck that, I’m gonna do that. It just felt right to me.

Q: Growing up did you always envision yourself as someone that would end up in this industry or were your goals different?
A: I never knew and I still don’t know how to do anything else, I’m terrible at everything else, I kind of want to get a regular job and work at an office, I’ve tried it a couple of times and I always get fired [laughs]. This is what I’ve done my whole life and I don’t know how to do it differently anything I’ve tried… horrible.

Q: You could always be an alcohol tester.
A: Yeah, see that would work [laughs]. I think if I stopped, lost my hands or my voice I would probably be a mechanic and work on cars.

Q: Who have you been surprised to learn is a fan of your work?
A: Dave Navarro. That was surprising.

Q: How about rumours? What’s the craziest rumour you’ve heard about yourself and or the band?

A: That I was good looking!

Q: Oh come on… don’t be like that, you’re not bad looking at all!
A: Yeah, well you should try to wake up next to me! Its fuckin’ nasty, it’s scary.

Q: [Laughs] I think we all have our own moments like that though!
A: Uh uh, no, I promise you, mine are nastier than most.

Q: [Laughs] Take us back to the bands early days. Looking back now what comes to mind?
A: What comes to mind is thinking, what the hell am I doing playing this big ass instrument? I love playing my bass but I still look at it like, ‘How did I end up with this instrument?’ I can hide my butt behind it so that is great!

Q: Patricia just before we wrap it up, you’re heading to Australia in April for a series of shows. What other immediate plans are in place for the band?
A: Recording that god damn album cause it’s been too fuckin’ long, so Australia, recording, putting out and touring!

Q: I want to thank you again for your time today; do you have any last words for our readers?
A: No but please tell your readers that you have the best laugh ever, I think we’re kind of related there. You’ve gotta put that in there ’cause that’s a fuckin amazing laugh!

April 21 – Capitol, Perth
April 23 – HiFi, Brisbane
April 24 – Factory, Sydney
April 25 – Corner Hotel, Melbourne